Why You Need a VPN for iPhone

Do you want to install a VPN service on your iPhone? This article will help you understand the importance of iPhone VPN and recommend the best. With the right VPN services, you can stream, enjoy anonymity, and have an uninterrupted Internet connection. Let’s get into the details.

Why do I need a VPN for iPhone?

  • Data Protection. How often do you connect to the network outside your home? When you connect to Wi-Fi in public areas, you are at risk because your data can be used by others. To avoid this problem, you can use a VPN to protect you from information loss.
  • Anonymity on the web. When browsing the Internet, you may need to hide your actual location. After connecting the VPN on your iPhone, your traffic will go through the server of the VPN provider, which will hide your location.
  • Streaming and access to various sites. It often happens that many movies, games, or music are not available in your country, as many countries have limited access to sites, and you won’t even be able to run certain services, let alone watch. And then a VPN comes to the rescue, allowing you to watch movies, series, listen to music, play games, and much more. Protect your privacy online with a VPN. Find out how to choose the best https://ggsel.net/catalog/vpn one for you in this comprehensive guide.

How to enable VPN on iPhone?

Manual configuration of iPhone by server address

If you decide to set up a VPN on your iPhone manually, you first need to open the settings and go to the “General – VPN” section. Next, click on the option “Add VPN configuration.”

After that, a large window where you have to enter your data will appear. You must specify the type of connection, enter the server address, and access data correctly. You will need to study in detail the information about these settings in support of your VPN service, which can be quite problematic for many.

This process is quite labor-intensive. Therefore, many VPN services have their own applications that make it much easier to connect to a VPN. To connect, it will be enough just to launch the application on your iPhone!

Premium VPN. Benefits of a paid server

Of course, one can argue for a very long time about which free VPN service is better, but any premium VPN you can purchase from the AppStore for your iPhone will win. It’s no secret that any paid versions of applications, websites, or platforms are always better, as they have much more advantages than their free counterparts.

  • The biggest benefit of the best VPNs is your security. Paid VPN servers do not store your personal data and guarantee the complete anonymity of the client, which, of course, can be quite important for you.
  • Almost unlimited choice of servers. Paid VPNs for phones provide you with a huge list of free servers and hundreds of locations worldwide.
  • Unlimited traffic. You can be online every day without worrying about limits.
  • High internet speed is, of course, a huge plus.
  • Possibility of immediate shutdown. If the connection is interrupted suddenly, everything will be immediately blocked, and all your data will be protected.
  • High-quality movies, series, and TV shows. Access to any music without restrictions. Ability to play online games and much more.

A free VPN can directly threaten your privacy and will not protect you from several complexities:

  • Loss of personal data, including credit card numbers, social media passwords, and more;
  • Infecting a mobile device or laptop with malware to harm its owner or (again) steal all available data.

Therefore, we advise you to deal only with full versions of services. Finding free VPNs is not so difficult. Choosing reliable services from them is more complicated. But still, they are.

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