Who Are the Biggest Employers in Atlanta, GA?

Many are considering moving for work within the next couple of years: so what’s that mean for those who are considering Atlanta?  This awesome city is a party and fun capital in the south, but its job market also stands out.

This is everything you need to know about the top employers in Atlanta and why moving here for work is a great idea!

How’s Atlanta’s Job Market?

Atlanta’s job market is extremely active right now!  Employers are competing to keep up with the threat of online-only work and are offering more compensation and perks to get people back in the office.

Unfortunately, Georgia does have some of the lowest pay rates and one of the lowest minimum wages- which has not changed since 2009.  Although you can find some well-paying jobs, it’s vital that you’re able to show how qualified you are and that any company would be lucky to have you.

These are the top employers you should be considering in Atlanta.

Delta Air Lines

The largest employer in the city, with almost 35,000 employees, is Delta Airlines.  Since Delta’s HQ is in Atlanta, along with one of the largest airports in the world, Delta works hard to keep it thoroughly staffed with people who are experts at what they do.  This means higher pay, more perks, and far more mobility for anyone trying to move up along the corporate ladder.

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The average pay is higher than the state average, but you should still advocate for a better wage if you’re able to.

Emory University and Emory Healthcare

Emory University and Healthcare is the second-largest employer, being home to 32,000 employees.  This huge number is mostly working within healthcare spaces and in the university itself.  The jobs for this role are extremely good paying and offer reliable work that you can enjoy creating a career out of.  Although many jobs require formal education, you can still find entry-level positions that can eventually allow anyone to start looking at Atlanta houses for sale.

The Home Depot

Home Depot is a large international chain store, but it calls Atlanta home.  With over 16,000 employees who love working for this awesome home improvement store, Home Depot tries to set itself apart as an employer.  Thorough training and upward mobility are great, but the corporate location is unfortunately known for paying lower than the average.  Although you can be sure you’ll get paid more than the minimum wage, you have to be careful working here since it’s not livable unless you’re able to advocate for yourself and get higher wages.

Northside Hospital

The smallest on this list, Northside Hospital, has just under 16,000 employees that work within the healthcare system.  High on pay and quick to hire, this is a great job for anyone who’s qualified and wants to work a rewarding and interesting job.

Atlanta Has a Booming Economy That Continues to Grow

If you’re considering moving somewhere that has a great job market, it’s a great idea to consider Atlanta as your next destination.  Not only does this city have an awesome culture and work-play balance: there are jobs here for anyone who wants them.

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