What to Look for Before Buying a Popcorn Machine

The price of a popcorn machine in Kenya is crucial, whether used at home or for those who want to start a commercial business. It’s always good to go for the machine worth the value of your money. Popcorn machines are available in the Kenya market and at an affordable price. 

Popcorn Machine

It is an electrical popcorn maker used for heating corn up to a certain heat level till it becomes ready for consumption.

These popcorn machines are both commercial and non-commercial. A home-use popcorn machine does not require much power, which ensures that the price will be affordable. Also, it does not need to have a larger storage capacity.

How Does the Machine Work?

Because the machines are electrical, they are easy to use and do not require training.

  1. The first step is to switch on the power supply and then switch on the power button for the machine. It will start to heat, and the light will be on.
  2. Step two add oil and give the machine time to heat for a few minutes.

III. When the machine is heated enough, turn the motor on, add popcorn kernels, and allow it to heat till it’s ready.

  1. When ready for consumption, use a big spoon, remove them from the machine and let them cool, and you can consume them.

The Capacity of the Machine

The capacity of the popcorn machine will depend on the type of popcorn machine and the intended usage, either commercial or home use. For commercial purposes, always go for a machine with more storage.

 Consider the Budget

Budget is vital, and this will determine the quality of the machine. With a good budget, one can afford a nice and quality product. The popcorn machine price in Kenya will be determined by the machine type

 Machine Efficiency

Efficiency is crucial, especially in the commercial popcorn machine. A machine with a plus factor will have an added advantage even when it comes to performance.


Brand also is a factor to consider. Friends and families can help to make the best choice when it comes to brand. Those brands are well known to be good for business because of their performance.

Other Features of a Good Popcorn Machine

  1. Material is very important, so it’s advisable to look for a stainless steel machine because it will withstand corrosion.
  2. Look for a machine with lights for warming corns in the storage drum.
  3. Consider a machine with measuring cups and spoons as an added advantage.
  4. Warranty is important in case of malfunction when you start using it.

Merits of Popcorn Machine

  1. Using a popcorn machine, you are guaranteed to produce healthier popcorn, unlike those made by microwaves.
  2. The popcorn machine can produce large quantities and quality popcorn faster and easily, unlike a microwave.
  • The machine ensures that the popped corn will be almost 100% in quantity. This factor means the corn that have not popped are less.
  1. Some machines are built with double storage trays, and are good for commercial purposes; it’s good to consider such popcorn machines.

Demerits of Popcorn Machine

It is for sure that the best brand which comes with good quality and efficiency will be expensive in the market.


Popcorn is an enjoyable snack for our kids and also the entire family. And it’s advisable to make healthier popcorn using a machine instead of a microwave for health purposes. Considering the healthy side of popcorn, we can agree that purchasing a popcorn machine is not expensive if you want to be healthy. The microwave will not produce popcorn to a high healthy standard.

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