What to Consider before buying the T Shirt Printing Machine

The varieties of attire adornment are increasing tremendously. The options include traditional screen prints, cross-stitch, ornamentation, and the leading digital direct-to-garment printing. Digital printing has altered the world of T-shirts with the emergence of technologies and equipment. However, old-style t shirt printing machine also exists.

Clients desiring to start a t-shirt printing business must be familiar with the diverse printing practices or approaches. The best printing technique depends on the t-shirt material, requisite manufacture scale, designs, and range of colors.

The Various T- Shirt Printing Machine Techniques

The Digital Printing: The equipment prints high-quality, precise full-color designs and prints directly on a t-shirt. Digital printing is the most appropriate design.

Direct to Fabric printer is a technology that prints directly on the fabrics. It can, however, completely change the printing of cut patterns. The direct-to-fabric printing apparatuses produce exclusive and vibrant designs with little ink intake.

The screen printing system: This is the most frequently found t-shirt printing method for substantial volume orders. The screens spread the ink over the t-shirts. The inks used in screen printing are more concentrated than other printing methods, making them last longer. Screen printing is one of the old-fashioned practices.

Transfer paper digital inkjet printing and heat transfer: The procedure entails printing on transfer paper and then passing on the printed design on textile using heat and pressure. The technique mainly prints on polyester fabrics.

The Heat press equipment does not work on yarn fabrics. The graphic or text printed on the t-shirt is digitally inscribed on the particular heat transfer paper that uses transferal ink. Heat transfer paper provides clients with more choices for their fabrics.


The t shirt printing machine price Kenya is not high. Clients desiring to set up a T-shirt printing business should focus on the initial costs of printing and the overhead of the running and maintenance costs. The clients should also assess how the various trademarks fare. Some printers have automatic washing programs, and they keep working better for longer with little involvement from the users.

Clients should be very cautious about the arms of the t-shirt screen printing machine. Bearings are kept free from dirt and dust and greased frequently, and replaced once annually. The contact bolts should be monitored closely and fixed if they are not in a perfect state.

Service and Training

On-site set-up and capacity building of consumers by a certified service specialist is done. Training on the operation and maintenance of the equipment enhances the proper functioning of the equipment.


There are good choices of t-shirt printing machines available in the marketplace ranging from low-cost to first-class brands. Clients always have choices that match their budgets.

Are you looking for the best t-shirt printing machine? Always go for robustness, repairs, and general maintenance to ensure value for money. Clients should always ensure that the printing machine comes with a warranty. The information gives self-assurance in investment.

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