What Sports Memorabilia is Worth Money?

No matter your level of collecting memorabilia for sports or any other subject, it can be helpful to have an idea of what’s worth collecting and how best to organize it. There are numerous memorabilia price guides online available as a source of assistance.

Certain items can be valued in the millions, such as Michael Jordan’s shoes from when he won his first NBA title, while others can have lower values, like Billie Jean King’s racquet from their historical match against Bobby Riggs.

Baseball Cards

As a sports fan, you may be curious as to whether the baseball cards you own may be worth any money. It depends on their rarity and condition; some could hold great value while others simply sit untouched. There are numerous books and online resources that can assist with determining their value.

Some collectors will pay substantial sums of money for an exceptional baseball card. One such example is the 1909-11 Eddie Plank T206 featuring Jackie Robinson – who made history by becoming the first black baseball player. Due to its historical importance and beautiful design, demand for this card has been great since its limited production run of only 200 cards was set. A 1993 SP Derek Jeter Foil Edition valued by PSA was also highly sought-after.

Starters or those seeking more insight into their existing collection should invest in a sports memorabilia price guide, which can help avoid making an expensive mistake that could prove irreparable. Look for one with regular updates based on real-world market trends to avoid making costly errors.


Sports memorabilia includes any memento or souvenir directly related to a sport, team, athlete or sporting event that fans collect as part of their passion for that team or individual; often these collectibles appreciate in value over time due to name associations – with some items worth quite a lot depending on its age and history attached.

Sports memorabilia appraisal can be more challenging than other collectibles. To evaluate its value, it’s essential that an item can be authenticated – this means having some form of documentation such as an official letter of authenticity – as well as considering factors like condition and packaging/display methods to help establish its value.

As one would expect, football-related memorabilia is one of the most sought-after and desirable types of sports memorabilia. Fans are more than willing to shell out high prices for signed jerseys, hats, posters or any other piece that bears football-related markings.

Baseball-related memorabilia is another highly prized form of collectibles. Signed bats and helmets, autographed game-worn jerseys and rings, plaques, posters and photos all are sought-after pieces in this genre of memorabilia.


Sports fans and collectors can spend thousands collecting autographs of their favourite athletes. While most autographs may not be worth much, some can be extremely valuable; especially those signed by iconic figures such as Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan or Tom Brady whose value depends on both desirability and condition of item.

Signatures that carry stories behind them are typically the most valuable. A baseball signed by Babe Ruth might fetch more than one signed by lesser players due to its association with historical events; similarly, Jesse Owens won gold medal at Berlin 1936 Olympic Games set a record when sold at auction for $1.5 million in 2019.

Not only is condition important, but signature type and subject matter also hold great weight in determining its value. Items signed by legendary athletes tend to remain popular over time while their value remains intact. Sports memorabilia includes any memento or souvenir directly related to a sport.

Now more than ever, sports fans need to protect and preserve their memorabilia collection in an environment free from dust and sunlight. A great way to do this is storing it inside a display case designed specifically to shield it.


Although jerseys may not seem as valuable, they still hold a place in sports memorabilia collecting. Notorious players’ jerseys often fetch high prices due to being associated with winning championships or international competitions while wearing it; collectors prize these pieces for this reason alone!

Not surprisingly, jerseys often sell for millions of dollars. When determining its value, various factors come into play; first being the condition of the jersey itself: faded or stained condition will significantly diminish its value; additionally, authenticity should add value as will replicating its predecessor will add further.


An additional factor affecting a jersey’s value is its athlete’s popularity; active athletes will typically command higher prices than retired ones for their jerseys, and these must then be authenticated by a reliable memorabilia dealer for any cash value to exist.

Michael Jordan’s NBA championship season jersey fetched an eye-popping $100.1 million at auction – surpassing its predecessor which sold for only $3.69 million two years prior in 2021.

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