What Makes Everlasting Comfort’s Screen Door So Great? X Qualities to consider

If you are looking for a screen door, then there is no doubt that you are probably looking for the best magnetic screen door money can buy. After all, a door is an entry point into your home and does a lot for you, and there’s no better screen door than the screen door from Everlasting Comfort.

Screen doors that have mesh and magnet sealings have quite a few benefits, especially for busy people who love to enjoy the summer weather. If you are looking around the market for a screen door, then this article is going to steer you in the direction of one from Everlasting Comfort, by outlining all the qualities of the screen door.

1. Extremely Easy To Install

Many people think that having a magnetic screen door, or replacing a traditional screen door with a magnetic screen door is going to either be very hard and time consuming, or very expensive to have professionally done. However, the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen door is designed to be installed in four easy steps!

The kit even comes with an instruction manual as well as a video installation guide, which can help you out if you aren’t the most handy of persons. All you need to do is remove the existing door and clean the door frame of any stains or debris, then remove the screen door from the packaging and lay it flat on the floor, lining up and pressing the magnets together.

Then, hold the screen door up to your door frame and ensure that it is a perfect fit, as the magnetic screen door will fit door frames of 38×82 inches or less. If the door frame needs to be resized, then the instruction manual will show you how. Then you attach the door with either the all black thumbtacks or the hook and loop tape, and that’s that!

No need to worry about installation, and maintenance of the door is just as easy! This is a door that will withstand the test of time, and once you have it installed you won’t go back!

2. Has a 26 Magnet Seal

Most traditional screen doors have around 18 magnets working for them and some have even leeds. However, the screen door from Everlasting Comfort includes 26 powerful magnets that allow you to have a strong seal that snaps shut behind you. Despite the mass of magnets, the doors are still hands free for entry and exit, where you only need to nudge the magnets apart and walk through without any issues,

This allows you to walk through the door with full hands, no stopping or kicking open the door, and instead you can just waltz through and do whatever you want to do outdoors. Then the doors will snap closed and you won’t need to worry about bugs finding their way inside.

3. Built To Last And Be Used Year Round

While you might think that a screen door only works for the summer or on the days where the weather is the most beautiful, this screen door from Everlasting Comfort is designed with the word ‘Everlast’ in mind. It is made from heavy duty mesh that has a higher thread count than other screen door brands, accounting for the increased durability. The door also comes with reinforced edges to also help keep it long lasting, and it is designed to handle all the elements.

From heavy winds, to rain, to snow storms, the screen door from Everlasting Comfort is going to work for you no matter the weather. The heavy duty polyester mesh is going to withstand the weather, as well as the constant usage by you, your pets, and your guests.

4. It Makes Life Easier

You have to purchase the magnetic screen door to truly understand this feature, but if you’ve spent your life wrestling with screen doors, cursing whenever they get stuck, and hating having to drop what you are going to open and close the door, then the magnetic version won’t have you doing any of that.

It takes only the smallest amount of effort to get the door open, and then it closes automatically. You won’t need to worry about bugs flying inside your home, and you won’t need to worry about the door ever getting stuck and leaving you having to wrestle with it. Once you experience all that a magnetic screen door can do for you, then you will never want to go back!

Now that you’ve learned all the things that make the Everlasting Comfort screen door so fantastic, you can focus on purchasing one for yourself and watching your backyard experience change for the better. Don’t hesitate and make the purchase now, and you won’t regret buying the door!

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