What Is a Commercial Juice Dispenser? – Benefits and Types

A dispenser is a container that helps get the quantity of something conveniently.

The hospitality industry has invested a lot in juice dispensers to quench the needs of its customers. Having a reliable dispenser is, therefore, a plus for commercial businesses.

This article discusses the components to look out for when buying one.

The big leaps in technology have led to the mushrooming of juice dispensers in the market. As a commercial entrepreneur, how do you ensure that the juice dispenser you are about to get does not give you a run for your money?

This article will provide concise answers by walking you through the advantages and the top three dispensers.


Many people easily fall in love with what they see. A well-decorated and colorful dispenser will attract people to your enterprise without necessarily inviting them. The visibility of the juice in the dispenser has an aesthetic impact since it can be perceived from far. It is, therefore, essential to go for a dispenser that will market itself by just being seen.


Dispensers have a cooling mechanism that keeps juice fresh for a long time. Most customers prefer refreshing cold juice, especially on hot days. It is, therefore, essential to ascertain that the dispenser you want to buy can keep your beverage fresh and maintain its taste. This factor will help you brand your products and sustain the customer base.


Commercial juice dispensers come in various sizes. If you have an extensive customer base, go for the one that can hold large volumes of juice. Nowadays, we have triple container dispensers with enough space to store gallons of juice.


Commercial dispensers are easy to establish since they need no setup costs. All you need is a flat surface on which you can comfortably place them; they are easily portable and can be moved from one place to another. It is a machine that every food joint should have. You can therefore choose a countertop or pick a freestanding type.


Each dispenser has got its price depending on its size and capacity. Commercial juice dispenser price in Kenya varies from one seller to another. As an entrepreneur, pick on a dispenser that will market your brand. It is good to sacrifice for the best.

Easy Manipulation

It is straightforward to operate this machine since it needs no expertise or knowledge. It is easy to serve many customers since it takes very few seconds to fill and refill a glass.


Maintaining the cleanliness of the commercial juice dispenser is very easy. The drip trays trap any stray liquid or dirt and can easily be lifted from the dispenser and cleaned. Also, cleaning the entire dispenser requires you to pour soapy water and clean every crevice.

Disposable Cups

Commercial dispensers allow you to use disposable cups, which are very cheap and readily available. It makes you avoid breakages that are a common phenomenon with glasses. Also, you will be saved the burden of washing glasses used by your customers. You can save a lot with disposable cups since you are not forced to employ extra personnel to help with the cleaning.


Dispensers have brought so much relief to our lives. It is imperative as a commercial entity to grab one and add taste to your business.

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