What Is A Chain Hoist? – The Types and Advantages

A chain block is a piece of equipment helpful in lifting and lowering loads utilizing integrated chains.

Are you a company owner who is struggling when it comes to loading materials? You don’t have to worry since this article clearly explains the different types available for you in the market.

The demand for goods has seen companies stocking volumes of merchandise to meet their clients’ needs. However, when the goods are delivered, storing them becomes cumbersome due to the limited storage facilities. It becomes rather difficult to lift or raise loads due to congestion.

This article introduces the most reliable chain hoists to bring in much-needed relief. It also focuses on the advantages that the chain hosts have to offer.

Manual chain hoists

This chain type is straightforward since its operations can be carried out manually. It is easily affixed to a hook that suspends it. It’s portable and hence can be used by the hand to pick and load items. It is stored by balancing it on a hook. For lighter loads, you can use this one.

Trolley Mounted Hoist

The lifting chains are affixed to beam trolleys. The beam allows for up and down manual movements. The central trolley makes it easy to maneuver along the lifting beam. When a load is placed, the hook is raised further to the desired position by the operator. This chain is ideal for 250kg to 100tonne loads.

Atex Hand Chain Hoists

These are primarily used in explosive sites such as the gas industries. It has a trolley gear that is integrated with the hoisting unit. The trolley quickly moves up and down the beam when the chain is driven.

Corrosion Resistant Hand Chain Hoist

It is beneficial in corrosive environments. This chain block can be used in the food industry since it doesn’t rust. Its resistance to rust makes it very useful in other settings which are likely to experience rusting.

The following are the advantages.

Remarkable power

Chain hosts have gained popularity due to the immense strength they possess. Since they are steel, you can be sure of greater output at any given time.


Hoist chains are critical in saving costs due to their cheap operations. They are widely accepted because they are durable and do not break down easily.

Easy to fix

Their compact shape and light weight make it easy to mount them. Their simplicity enables the company to acquire and use them hence their increasing popularity.


Their steel nature allows them to withstand any manhandling. They have added latches that enhance security and carrying capacity.

Remarkable Workload limit

Despite their size, these chain hosts have immense strength, allowing them to lift loads without spoilt. Their excellent workability is an added feature that every buyer should consider.


Their pricing is pegged on the amount of load the chain host can lift and the environment in which they are used. As a buyer, you have to consider your company’s workload before settling on your choice.


There is no need for companies to incur losses as a result of relocating materials manually. Try out the chain hoist and see the difference.

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