What ‌Games Should You Play With Your Dog?

There are many games you can play while camping with my dogs. Every dog parent/dog owner loves playing with their dogs. Playing is very natural to dogs, especially the young ones. Also, it is a fantastic way for the pet parents to bond with them. Apart from these reasons, play is essential for dogs’ mental and physical health.

Many experts say that playing for 15 minutes twice a day with your dog is beneficial for you and your dog; some dogs might need a longer time and attention.

Several things can be done to have a good time with your dog, and they are as follows:

  • Picking suitable toys for your dog can benefit your dog immensely. Dogs can play with toys when they are alone and bored. The suitable toys can also help your dog learn new games and commands.
  • Try getting more active toys for your dog. These are the toys your dog will spend more time with. Active toys are made of hard rubber and tightly knotted rope. These kinds stay intact for a longer time because dogs won’t be able to bite off pieces or chew them off.
  • One game ‌you can play with your dogs is a tug of war. This is a game dogs can instinctively pick up wherever you play with them because many times puppies pull objects from each other’s mouths. You can teach your dog commands through tug-of-war games. Apart from that, you can also teach your dog to fetch. Almost all dogs love to fetch. You can use active toys to play fetch with your dog or a frisbee. Make sure you have your dog’s attention when you play this game.
  • You can also play hide and seek with your dog, and it is pretty amazing because your dog will have to use his sense of smell. Hide at different corners of the house and call their name and when your dog finds you, give them their favorite treat.
  • Teaching your dog vocabulary can be another exciting game. For example, you want your dog to associate the word “ball.” Then you can give your dog the ball and say the word ball. Also, when they bring you back the ball, say the word “ball” loud and clear again. After that, you can also try to throw the ball and point to the ball and say, “get the ball.” Keep doing it. After some time, they will start associating with the word. And once they respond, give them little treats initially, and you will also find out the entire journey was enriching.

These are some ways you can play and bond with your dog. Definitely try this out with your furry friends. For dog parents, their dogs mean the world to them. So all dog parents want to go above and beyond to get their dogs the best facilities for every service they need. That’s why many dog parents nowadays are getting dog insurance, and you can be one of them. But, if you haven’t got a policy already, that’s fine. You can quickly research them online. Dog insurance is beneficial because it helps pet parents to have peace of mind over their finances when their pet has health issues that need treatment. Pet insurance may be something new to you, but it is completely worth investing in; it promises a better life for your furry companion. Hence, pet insurance is essential.

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