What Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s Dad Do to Him

Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most notorious serial killers in American history, had a troubled and disturbing childhood. His father, Lionel Dahmer, played a significant role in his life but did not subject him to any abuse or mistreatment. Instead, Lionel tried to provide support and help for his son, though it was not enough to prevent the heinous crimes that Jeffrey would later commit.

Childhood and Family Dynamics

Jeffrey Dahmer was born on May 21, 1960, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Lionel and Joyce Dahmer. He had one younger brother, David. Lionel Dahmer was an analytical chemist, and his wife, Joyce, was a teletype machine instructor. The Dahmer family was considered to be relatively stable and middle-class. Jeffrey’s early years seemed ordinary, with no apparent signs of the horrors that would later unfold.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s problems seemed to emerge during adolescence, marked by feelings of isolation and his developing obsession with dismembering animals. His parents, including his father Lionel, were concerned about these troubling signs and sought professional help for their son.

Treatment and Efforts to Help

When Jeffrey Dahmer was a teenager, his father Lionel, after discovering disturbing evidence of animal mutilation, took him to see a psychologist. Dr. Kenneth Olson assessed Jeffrey and recommended therapy. Lionel and Joyce Dahmer were deeply committed to helping their son overcome his issues, and they followed through with the recommended psychological treatment.

Lionel Dahmer has repeatedly stated in interviews that he and his wife did everything they could to support their son during this difficult time. They attempted to understand and address the problems he was facing. Lionel later admitted to feeling a deep sense of guilt and regret that they were not able to prevent the atrocities that Jeffrey would commit in the future.

Unfortunately, the therapy and counseling that Jeffrey Dahmer received did not lead to a significant improvement in his behavior. His fascination with dismemberment and his morbid interests continued to escalate, ultimately leading him down a dark path of criminal activity.

The Descent into Darkness

Jeffrey Dahmer’s descent into darkness culminated in a series of horrifying and gruesome crimes. Between 1978 and 1991, he committed a series of murders and acts of necrophilia, ultimately killing and dismembering 17 young men and boys. His reign of terror finally came to an end in 1991 when one of his intended victims, Tracy Edwards, managed to escape and alert the police. The police discovered photographs of dismembered bodies and body parts in Dahmer’s apartment, leading to his arrest.

Dahmer’s Trial and Imprisonment

Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial, which took place in 1992, was widely covered in the media and resulted in his conviction for the murders he committed. He was sentenced to 16 consecutive life terms in prison, with no possibility of parole.

In prison, Dahmer was initially held in solitary confinement for his own protection, as his crimes had made him a target for other inmates. Lionel Dahmer, despite the horrific nature of his son’s actions, remained in contact with him while he was in prison. He did not excuse or justify his son’s actions but believed that maintaining some form of connection might help understand and address the issues that had led to these heinous crimes.

Lionel’s Reaction and Reflection

Lionel Dahmer has been candid about his feelings regarding his son’s actions. He expressed his profound shock and disbelief upon learning about Jeffrey’s crimes. In various interviews and his book, “A Father’s Story,” Lionel revealed that he went through a rollercoaster of emotions, including grief, guilt, and confusion. He felt deeply remorseful about not being able to prevent or address the dark path that his son had taken.

Lionel also admitted to having mixed emotions about visiting his son in prison. He had to reconcile his role as a father with the reality of his son’s actions. He did not condone or excuse Jeffrey’s crimes but believed that it was his responsibility as a parent to be there for his child, even in those dire circumstances.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Death

Tragically, Jeffrey Dahmer’s life came to an end on November 28, 1994, when he was brutally murdered by a fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver, while serving his prison sentence. Scarver also killed another inmate during the same incident. The motive for the attack was reportedly tied to Scarver’s religious beliefs and his belief that he was acting on orders from God.

Lionel Dahmer later commented on his son’s death, stating that he felt a mixture of sadness and relief. He was relieved that his son’s reign of terror had come to an end, but he also mourned the loss of the boy he had once known.


Jeffrey Dahmer’s father, Lionel Dahmer, did not subject him to any abusive or harmful actions. In fact, Lionel and Joyce Dahmer made sincere efforts to get their troubled son help and support, seeking professional therapy when they discovered his early fascination with dismembering animals. Despite their efforts, Jeffrey Dahmer’s disturbing obsessions and violent tendencies escalated, ultimately leading to a horrifying series of murders.

Lionel Dahmer, along with his wife, has expressed profound sorrow and regret for their son’s actions and the devastating impact they had on the victims and their families. His story serves as a stark reminder of the complexities of family dynamics, the limits of parental influence, and the unfortunate reality that some individuals commit unspeakable acts, regardless of their upbringing or the efforts made to help them.

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