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When you’re looking for online music lessons, you have a variety of options. You can take classes on PureVolume, Gaana, Gurika Music, or Keyboard (Music) classes.


Gaana is an internet-based music service that provides users with unlimited access to millions of songs. It features Bollywood, Hindi, regional music, English, Telugu, and Marathi songs, and has a free plan that gives users access to about 30 million songs. However, the paid subscription service, Gaana Plus, offers even more options, including downloading unlimited songs and listening to them offline. In addition, the company also offers live radio and podcasts. You can listen to your favorite songs from the app, or you can create your own public playlists, share them with friends, and discover new music. This music streaming app is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Web.

Another great feature of the Gaana service is that it is a platform for independent artists. The platform promotes a range of artists, including Bollywood, and has a variety of content, including playlists and originals. Users can search for songs by voice or genre, or they can browse curated playlists. With Gaana, you can enjoy high-quality music streaming in HD. Additionally, the company has podcasts on a wide variety of topics.


PureVolume was the first music website to be independently operated. It’s an online music community where fans can interact with artists, track their music preferences and even download songs for free. The site also features a variety of other interesting features such as live performance videos and interviews. However, on April 30, the site will be closing its doors. This is a sad day for fans of the site. Although this is the end of an era, it’s only a matter of time before new sites take its place.

PureVolume was created in 2003 by a trio of music fans. Their aim was to help indie bands reach a wider audience. They offered free downloads of songs and uploaded songs by new and emerging artists. Eventually, the company was purchased by SpinMedia, which then sold it to Hive Media. In 2016, the site launched an app for smartphones.

PureVolume was a good way for musicians to promote themselves and their work. Not only did it showcase a plethora of music, it also allowed them to create their own profiles and provide basic information and photos about themselves.

Keyboard (Music) classes

If you have never taken keyboard classes before, or you want to take one to get more advanced, there are several options available to you. In addition to a fun and friendly atmosphere, you’ll find outstanding instruction and financial assistance. These programs also include opportunities for hands-on experience. You’ll learn how to read music, play in an ensemble, write your own songs, and even challenge yourself by playing along with a professional musician. Whether you’re an aspiring pianist or an accomplished guitarist, you can take your skills to the next level with a MusicJagat keyboard class.

One of the best aspects of these classes is that they are affordable. The tuition is paid for each week, and you’ll receive lessons every day, with the exception of holidays. Plus, you’ll get a personalized oneon-one lesson from a skilled and experienced teacher. This is a great way to make sure you’re learning all you can, and putting your new skills to good use.

If you’re interested in a more structured program, you can opt for MKP 649, which is a keyboard pedagogy diagnostics course. It builds on concepts introduced in MKP 111. As with the other courses, this class is designed for adults who want to learn to play keyboard instruments for pleasure. Some of the topics covered include diminished seventh arpeggios, extended chord structures, Neapolitan sixth chords, and augmented sixth chords.

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