Types of Lawn mowers available in Kenya

A lawn mower is a machine that operates by power or manually to trim the grass. Grass cutting for the required shape and size is ideal for beauty purposes. The grass is also harvested for livestock feed and also for agricultural mulching. This factor calls for proper cutting and trimming. The machine is available in the market and, in addition, it comes at a friendly price.

Lawn mowers are required for grass trimming if time and efficiency are required. It depends on the type of mower. The mower type also depends on the vegetation required for clearance or trimming. Below are discussed types of mowers for the user’s house while selecting for use and adaptability;

Ride on mower

This mower requires the operator to sit comfortably on the machine while operating. It is designed to be cool for the user and gives fair comfort while doing work. The ride-on mower is mostly electric, and the mowing person watches over and easily controls the machine. The machine saves time, and trimming height can be easily controlled also.

Lawn tractor type

It is a relatively bigger machine that is mounted on a tractor. The tractor drags it from behind as its blades chop off the grass and leave it behind. It is recommended for tall grass and grass that is old enough and requires heavier machines. With this, taller vegetation that grows with grass is cleared. It ensures efficiency at work and better results.

Walk mower type

It is a manually operated machine. The mowing person requires to walk as they monitor the machine. The advantage is that it is easily controlled and operates at all angles where vegetation is. It makes the hallway easier and provides adequate machine control of the height of trimming desired. The machine requires less maintenance and is cheap compared to others.

Push mower type

While trimming, the machine requires physical energy to operate. It is efficient in trimming young vegetation and, in addition, confers an advantage in flexibility. Because of the less effort required, the lawn mower prices in Kenya are fairly low compared to others. These are achieved as one watches for possible objects likely to cause damage to the machine. These include small stones.

Rotary mower

The rotating blade is one and is firmly mounted. It operates efficiently and also facilitates easier monitoring and maintenance. The blade can be easily controlled based on height level to trim grass or other vegetation to the desired level. The advantage of this kind is that it is easy to control and repair in case of damage by objects.

Rear engine riding mower

It comes with the engine mounted on the rear side of the machine. With it, less disturbance is enhanced hence convenience while operating. This kind also is best when trimming old vegetation because of its power and efficiency at work. It is suited for heavy tasks.


In summary, this grass cutting machine types depend on the vegetation’s nature and user adaptability. Each machine has its uniqueness and hence perfection. This calls for proper choice in the market. Maintenance also varies, but it is best to have a conducive environment and proper environmental conservation when mowing compound grass.

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