Types of Ceiling Designs: everything you need to know

The design and shape of the ceiling is one of the most important elements of the decoration of your home and can be divided into ten different types. You will be amazed to see that each type of ceiling has a different character and can change the look and feel of any space. 

  1. Domed sirini

This type of ceiling is similar to the shape of a dome or half sphere.

Domed ceilings are mainly used to create accent shape within the ceiling. They can be further illuminated by a chandelier, diffused lamps and decorative paint, as in this example. These ceilings are ideal for areas such as the living room, foyer or other common areas of the house such as the living or dining area.

  1. Sloping or false siren

A collapsed ceiling is commonly known as a false ceiling and is suspended from a real roof by metal steps.

These ceilings are practical because they are mainly used to hide services such as electrical wires, AC ducts or to install recessed ceiling lamps, to give a better appearance.

Everything you need to know for installing a false ceiling

  • Check height-Before installing suspenders, it is important to check the height as some ceilings require more headroom than others. Again, be prepared to increase or decrease a few inches in height as POP design sheets will complete one room.
  • Size and design-Another factor to consider is the size you have to decide if you want to cover the globe or the surrounding area around the lighting fixtures. In Indian homes, when it comes to the design of the false ceiling segment, squares and corners are the most popular. Thus, you can opt for the rare creations too.
  • Color marker – The color scheme of the ceiling depends largely on the colors used in a particular room. While shades of cream and white are chosen to create a soft but elegant look, purple or orange can add a touch of rusticity and create a cool ambience.
  • Repairs and adjustments Before deciding on any item, be sure to consult an expert to determine the type of repair that you will need. House constructors at House Idea are professional and will be able to advise you correctly regarding the upkeep of your new ceiling. Although false ceilings do not always need to be repaired, you can still clean them with a dry cloth once in a while to prevent dust from accumulating.
  1. Tray or ceiling low

Look at this ceiling: the middle part of the ceiling is higher than the rest of the ceiling. It looks like a tray facing down, hence the name. The golf course runs along the back of the tray and touches the LED strip lights or tube lamps in order to create a spectacular view of the invisible light source.

  1. Long siren

The long ceiling creates an interesting element within any space because it brings in a wide and open section. This ceiling is found in a two-room room, as pictured, or is designed within the usual duplex rooms or bungalows for the purpose of creating a space that connects the two levels with the atrium. But one of the biggest drawbacks of long-term ceilings is that much of the energy wasted in cooling this area has twice its height, resulting in increased air-cooling costs.

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  1. Sealed ceiling

Beamed ceiling is an old form of ceiling found in homes where load beams are exposed inside the house.

Thus, in modern homes, one can do the same as faux poles running the entire length of the enclosed space, as you can see in this living room. Make sure the ceiling is 11 feet high otherwise a wooden beam can make the space feel claustrophobic.

  1. The ceiling is closed

In a closed ceiling, the entire ceiling is divided into a uniform grid square or rectangular sunken panels. Each sink pan is usually finished with a mold to add decoration and a nice touch to the ceiling design.

  1. Drum valve seal

A barrel vault siren siren is a drum with an arch running the length of the ceiling. These ceilings are used in conjunction with a long corridor.

  1. Cathedral sirin’i

The ceiling of the cathedral consists of symmetrical or parallel sloping joints connected to the center of the room (like a church). This type of ceiling gives a more natural and airy look, whether used indoors or outdoors. Another drawback is that the ceiling is so high that it becomes difficult to find lighting fixtures if they need to be replaced. These ceilings work best in farmhouses or on weekend homes, where space is not a must.

  1. Denda sirini

The ceiling of the shed has a sloping slope directly to the opposite side of the enclosed or semi-open space. This type of chinese ceiling lattice is most commonly seen in homes with a flat roof or a basement.

  1. The ceiling is exposed

The open ceiling works best for industrial-themed environments where services such as AC ducts, wires and other services are left open. This is because most homeowners need a removable floor, the appearance of a storage room and an exposed ceiling is a great way to help with this look.

The wood frame next to the ceiling will need to be repeated under the planks. Use laser level to mark the minimum height of the wooden beams on the wall. If you do not have a laser level, you can also use a rope and air level. Measure and cut beams of wood of equal width up to the height of the room. Adjust this design to the bottom of the struts and again to the walls. This will give your impression of false injection a solid foundation. If you are planning to install lights as part of your false information, you should arrange the wiring and lighting points at this time.

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