Treatment For Allergic Asthma In Argyle

Allergic asthma is a health condition related to breathing where the air way that is used for breathing gets tighter when you breathe in any allergen. The common kind of allergies include dander, pollen, and mold spores. These kinds of asthma are quite common in adults and children. Coughing, shortness of breath, stuffy nose, wheezing, rash, and itchy eyes are some symptoms of allergic asthma. 

If you have a younger one and you are worried with their condition of asthma & allergies Argyle has the best pediatrics that you require. Dr. Jones can work closely with you and your family to provide and ensure a healthy life. Along with the amazing team, Dr. Jones makes special efforts to make the child feel safe and treat the symptoms easily. 

What do you actually mean by allergic asthma?

There are a lot of people that face allergic problems, which plays a vital role in their daily life. Allergies can be very effective in whatever you eat, products that you use, and also the way you breathe. When allergies are combined with your breathing condition known as asthma, it can be said as allergic asthma. 

This is a kind of asthma condition where your airways start tightening up when you inhale air in an allergen. This could be because of the mold spores, pollen, or dander present in the air. Triggers are the second name for allergens as they set off asthma for you. The things that can get a reaction from you might not be effective to the others around you. 

When your body has allergies the body automatically gives a response to certain things that are a threat like the allergen. Your body fires up and tries to fight with all the danger. It is done by the immune system. The immune system in your body fights with diseases to keep you protected. When the immune system feels that there is a danger it releases chemicals from your body called immunoglobulin. 

This chemical substance is supposed to fight the danger and protect your body. However, when the amount of IgE is high it causes the airway you inhale through to tighten up, which makes it very hard to breathe. Asthma can affect your airways by:

  • Becoming irritated or swollen.
  • Produce mucus in a larger amount that is thicker than the normal ones.
  • Turn narrow as the muscles around the airways get tighter. 

You can always learn more about them by getting an appointment booked or from the office. Make sure that you get your little ones treated well. 

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