Top 10 3D Medical Animation Companies in New York

Medicine is an interesting field where you can experiment a lot!

It is very difficult to shortlist the right medical animation companies to create stunning videos to highlight your business’ amazing medical advancements might be challenging. For you to make informed decisions, we assembled this rapid tool of the greatest of the best.

For their clients’ demands, each Medical Animation Firm provides a variety of expertise.

It’s no surprise that explaining healthcare-related topics can be somewhat difficult. Furthermore, they seldom use terminology or complexity that makes things easier to grasp.

If you can only find an animation company suitable to the task, you can overcome the fundamental disconnect between your intended audience and your content.

So without wasting any more time, let’s start with the basics!

Considerations for Hiring a Medical Animation Agency

We cannot emphasize how much choosing the appropriate video production firm may make or break your medical animation. The decision to work with a trustworthy service should be carefully considered considering the time and resources needed to make a video.

Working with a video production company that can create a video that is customized to your unique goals and target market can help you obtain the greatest results.

Before choosing a firm, it is essential to review examples of their prior work to get a feel of the quality and style of their products. On paper, many studios appear great, but when you check out their past work, you realize they didn’t survive up to what you expect.

There is no preference when it concerns the price; it all relies on your individual financial circumstances.

Limited video companies won’t likely provide a lot in terms of customization or response which is a big concern for your business! Because healthcare video production requires ample customization from the client end.

A pitfall is picking a video production company that refuses to keep you informed about the project’s status and spends days or even months to reply to your communications.

Top 10 3D Medical Animation Companies in New York


The most prominent name in this industry is BuzzFlick. They are the champs when it comes to producing intriguing 3D medical animation videos.

They are experts in breaking complex medical theories into understandable graphics so a simple person can comprehend well.

Multivision Digital 

Web video production and marketing company MultiVision Digital Production is situated in New York City. The 10 to 15 firm, which was founded in 2011, offers services in video production, digital marketing, and content creation.

Studio Ianus

This is yet another brand-new company to the list of medical animation providers in Europe. It’s an Italian business that specializes in making fantastic visuals, emblems, and 3d animations.

In every respect, it is obvious that their field of significant competence is motion graphics animation. Based on their work, it is obvious that this team has extensive knowledge and a great sense of style.

No Frames

A video production company called No Frames has locations in Brooklyn, New York; Clayton, Missouri; and Helsinki, Finland.

The tiny team offers social media marketing, broadcasting multimedia, business photography, and video production. The company was founded in 2002.

Flow Production

Infomercial and video production firm with locations in Philadelphia and New York is called Flow Production and Post.

This team of less than 10 people, which was established in 1998, specializes in high-end corporate videos and advertisements. Among the many video editing services provided by the team are motion graphics, special effects, color grading, and soundtrack editing.


A media production firm based in New York is called Indigo Productions. About 20 people work for Indigo Productions, a company that was established in 1991 and specializes in broadcast and video production.

Customers of Indigo Productions are from the entertainment, training, and retail goods and services sectors.

Top Notch 

A video production firm called Top Notch Cinema has a main location in Astoria, New York, and a second office there.

This 2014-founded business employs eight people. Top Notch Cinema is a company that only specializes in providing video production services, such as screenwriting, hiring, filming, and production, to companies of all sizes.


A marketing and advertising company with its main office in New York City is called Kworq. The 13 members of the Kworq team, who were founded in 2011, are experts in graphic design, marketing on social media and video creation.

Instantly recognizable significant brands in the telecoms and pro sports industries are among the company’s clientele.

Five to Sixty 

Five to Sixty is a film production firm with headquarters in Los Angeles and a staff of 5 experts stationed in New York.

Since 2015, they have mostly served enterprises and midmarket companies with their video production, corporate photography, and broadcast video services.

They have experience working in fields including advertisements, retail products and services, and arts, sports, and entertainment.

Melty Cone

One of the finest media production firms and companies in New York is called Melty Cone Video.

They were established in 2014, employ about 10 people, and produce short videos for corporations, businesses, enterprises, and services in New York City and all over the nation.

Complete video production, social media video, internet video, television video, and animation video are among the available services.


With more than two people, Filmkraft is a video production firm that was established in Brooklyn in 2016.

For customers ranging from tiny startups to major enterprises in the media and consumer products industries, they are professionals in providing marketing and video production services.

Choose the right agency

Your closest buddy when it comes to accurately conveying the capabilities of medicine is a medical animation. The only medium of communication or content can convey the incredible things your medical gadget is capable of as effectively as 3D medical animation.

We think that the above list will provide the medical sector the narrative resources they require to achieve their objectives and provide the globe with therapies that may change people’s lives.

If you are looking for one such agency, then BuzzFlick is the answer.

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