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A Thop is a sharp rap on the back of the head. This disciplinary measure is often used to punish children or adults for stupid or dangerous behavior. It can also be a threat. People with this name tend to be independent and creative. Their first-letter characteristic indicates that they enjoy freedom and multitasking. While these characteristics can make it difficult to find partners, they do make great additions to creative and artistic endeavors.

A Thop has a practical and artistic talent, as the P is associated with artistic ability. The use of art and music can enhance a person’s reputation, but criticism will damage their reputation. THOPs are generally aloof and shy, but they can be extremely generous with the right partner. They are also very conservative when it comes to sexual matters, though they are tolerant of other signs of the sex. In marriage, Thops will prefer a partner who can improve their earning potential.

If you have the last name THOP, you are likely to be generous with love and money. They are usually shy, aloof, and restless, but can be extremely romantic and artistic when they find the right partner. However, if you’re considering dating someone with this last name, you should ensure that you’re compatible with their financial capacity. Although they’ll happily accept gifts and other gifts from their partners, they’re highly discerning and will be careful with their relationships.

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