The Most Popular Brands to Follow on Instagram

Many popular brands on Instagram want a large following because it is an effective way to increase their reach and grow their business. Having a large following can help brands drive more sales, build brand awareness, and connect with customers in meaningful ways.

There are many strategies that brands can use to grow their audience on Instagram. One of the most common methods is using hashtags. Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the pound sign (#) that allow users to easily find content that relates to a specific topic or theme.

Many popular brands have created unique branded hashtags that they encourage followers to use when sharing photos related to the brand. By doing this, other users who search for these specific hashtags will see the brand’s content in their feed, helping to increase their exposure and reach.

In addition to using hashtags, brands can partner with other accounts on Instagram that have a similar audience or message. For example, a clothing brand might partner with an account focused on fashion or beauty tips in order to expand their reach and gain new followers. Additionally, many brands will host giveaways through partnerships with other accounts in order to encourage users to follow both accounts.

Another effective strategy for growing your Instagram following is engaging with your current followers by liking and commenting on photos they share. This helps build stronger relationships with customers and creates more of a personal connection between the brand and its followers.

To learn more about the top brands using Instagram to grow their reach and business, keep reading through the full article below.

Most Popular Brands on Instagram

If you want to build your brand on Instagram, you need to know which brands are the best to follow. Some of the top brands on Instagram include Nike, Mercedes, and Tiffany & Co.

Disney, a brand that has been consistently popular on social media, has a vast array of visual content. The brand uses Instagram to engage with fans, create a buzz for new products, and speak to pop culture.

Louis Vuitton is another luxury brand that excels on Instagram. Its feed has a mixture of celebrity photos, charity initiatives, and images of the design process.

Reebok relies on models like Gigi Hadid to help them get their message across. The brand also posts user-generated content and focuses on witty texts and humor.

Dolce & Gabbana features alluring product images and videos. Chanel’s Instagram account is built on luxury and aspiration.

CocaCola on Instagram

If you are an Instagram aficionado you might have noticed the Coca-Cola Christmas truck on the tarmac in Paris. The truck is open on one side and boasts a festive and jovial Santa Claus in the living room. To get in on the action, all you have to do is enter your email address into the form and presto, you are the proud owner of a freebie.

The good folks at Coca-Cola have also taken a cue from their peers by throwing a plethora of contests and prizes your way. There is also a corresponding website where you can sign up for your freebies of the week. One of the more exciting offers is a grand prize of a $50,000 voucher to spend at a local spa. A nice touch is that it won’t be snatched away without your consent.

Nike on Instagram

Many of the most popular brands to follow on Instagram have used the platform to make an impact. From a company like Coca-Cola to a local store like Forever 21, these brands have crafted compelling content that drives consumer engagement.

Nike is a global athletic brand with over 85 million followers worldwide. It uses Instagram to promote its products, highlight inspirational stories of athletes, and to build a community of fans.

The Nike feed contains a mixture of images from ad campaigns and standalone content. The company also uses video to tell stories of black athletes.

Another of the most popular brands to follow on Instagram is National Geographic. This brand offers a glimpse into the world through stunning photographs. They also use the platform to advocate for social causes.

Ulta Beauty Instagram

Ulta Beauty, the largest purveyor of all things beauty, is all about the big and the small, from hair and skin care products to cosmetics to salon services. In its quest to woo customers, it has even enlisted the help of Instagram’s most popular celebrities in order to promote its wares. Its latest collaboration, The Big One, features some of the world’s biggest names in beauty, including Mario Badescu, Kylie Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Too Faced.

In an effort to make its social media presence more than a buzzkill, it has even rewarded its most prolific tweeters with a spot on the coveted Beauty Hall of Fame. For a limited time, you can shop for your face with 50% off skincare, makeup, and hair. You can also get a jump start on your Valentine’s Day shopping by treating yourself to a little retail therapy at its biannual 21 Days of Beauty sale.

Trending Brands on Instagram

For brands, Instagram has become an extremely powerful marketing tool. In fact, the platform is now one of the top four social networks. With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is fast becoming a go-to platform for brands. Here are some of the most engaging brands on Instagram.

One of the leading luxury brands on Instagram, Tiffany & Co, posts beautiful imagery and inspiring videos. They also showcase behind-the-scenes content of their campaigns.

Another top brand on Instagram, Dior, focuses on visual storytelling. Its handle is loaded with alluring images of models. You can see the influencers and photographers that they have teamed up with. The brand also runs several campaigns on Instagram, including their #24hourace campaign.

Nike is the number one most-followed brand on Instagram, with more than 25 million followers. The brand uses videos and social media to champion black athletes.

Who are the Most Popular Celebrities on Instagram?

If you’ve ever scrolled through Instagram and seen an account with thousands of followers, it’s natural to wonder why these people are so popular. Many celebrities on Instagram want a large following because it brings them a number of benefits, including the ability to promote their work or brand more effectively, connect with fans and engage in other forms of marketing that can help grow their business.

One of the most important reasons for celebrities having large followings on Instagram is that it can be used as a powerful marketing tool. A large audience allows them to share content about their latest projects, such as new songs or movies, and reach a wide range of potential viewers or listeners. This gives them an opportunity to promote their work more effectively than they could with a smaller audience.

In addition to marketing benefits, having a large Instagram following can also help celebrities connect with their fans in unique ways. This allows them to engage more directly with their audience and offer personalized content that might not be possible for someone with fewer followers. For example, some celebrities host live Q&A sessions or share exclusive photos and videos that are only visible to certain users.

To see a list of the top influencers and celebrities on Instagram, read through the article content below.

Selena Gomez on Instagram

Selena Gomez is the most followed woman on Instagram. Her account currently has 152 million followers. However, she recently took a break from the social media platform. She only logs on when she feels like sharing something with her fans.

At one point, Justin Bieber and Selena had a feud on Instagram. The singer has since married Hailey Baldwin. But the tension has largely died down.

Selena has also spoken out about her mental health. According to reports, she’s taking steps to take care of herself. She enrolled in therapy in Tennessee. She’s also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

When asked about her Instagram addiction, Selena said that she doesn’t always log on. Sometimes, she’ll log on on a different person’s phone.

Selena Gomez’s Instagram account has a dedicated team that manages it. They curate posts and comments for her.

Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the world’s biggest movie star. He has starred in many successful franchises including Jumanji: The Next Level and the Fast & Furious series.

In addition to his acting career, Johnson is a renowned sports caster. He hosts NBC’s sports competition series The Titan Games. His work has led to billions of dollars in box office earnings.

Last month, Dwayne Johnson made a historic political declaration. He endorsed two presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. A video of the announcement was posted on his Instagram account.

Now, Johnson is a Hollywood star who has more than 200 million followers on Instagram. This number puts him in the top 20 Instagram accounts with the most followers.

As a celebrity, Johnson enjoys being a big shot and using his fame to promote his films. He has been able to charge brands over $1 million for his Instagram posts.

Trending Celebrities on Instagram

Using Instagram, we can learn a lot about a celebrity’s life by looking at their posts. Below is a list of some of the most famous and interesting celebrities on the platform.

Beyonce is an American singer, actress, and dancer who was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. She’s one of the most successful pop stars of all time with over 231 million followers on her official Instagram account. She has won many awards and has performed in many singing contests as a child. As a result, she’s earned the title of the most nominated personality in the Grammy’s history.

In terms of social media, the most popular app is undoubtedly Instagram. Although it’s difficult to find an exact figure, it is estimated that 60 percent of U.S. teenagers are using the app. It’s also one of the most influential apps on the planet, with 400 million users.

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