The Mechanism Behind Dentures Staying in Place

Many people avoid getting dentures because they worry about how embarrassing it would be if they fell out during a social situation. Unfortunately, many cultural depictions of dentures employ precisely such situations for comic effect, except the general dentist. 

Dentures differ from oral surgery in Huntington Beach. Let us take a look at the mechanisms behind dentures staying in place to understand the concept in detail. 

Provisional Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dental prosthetics designed to support and conceal the gum line and remaining teeth. Your natural teeth anchor the denture, which simply clasps onto them. These dentures can stand on their own two feet because they utilize the substantial structure of your tooth roots. Dental implants can be used to secure the partial denture in place.

Full Prosthodontics

Saliva forms a protective layer between a full denture and the gums, jaw, and denture. Thanks to your jaw’s natural contours, they stayed in place, but you could also use a denture adhesive that does not include zinc for added peace of mind.

Since complete dentures lack the stability of your natural teeth, getting used to them may take some time. 

Dentures With Lower Suction

Dentures with lower suction are a relatively recent advancement in the field of dentures. As the name suggests, they use suction to stay in place and are created specifically for your lower jaw. When a patient has lost every lower tooth and wants a more secure fit without using implants, lower-suction dentures are a great option. 

However, not everyone will be a good candidate for lower suction dentures because of differences in jaw conformation. If you think reduced suction dentures might be right for you, talk to our experts. 

Dentures Instead of Implants

Dentures, as opposed to implants, can provide greater stability for false teeth. These use anchor points inserted surgically to prevent your dentures from moving around in your mouth. 

Because they replace every tooth in your mouth, they are a popular option for people who have lost all of their natural teeth. Dentures supported by implants have the most natural feel, and the stimulation they provide to the jawbone helps slow the rate at which bone is lost. These dentures last longer than the others since they are the most stable, and pleasant, and need the fewest alterations. 

Dentist Glue

Finally, many people use good denture glue to make their false teeth even more secure. One simple technique to improve comfort, especially for new denture wearers, is to invest in a good denture adhesive. 

Denture glue is sticky, therefore it is crucial to keep your false teeth clean so that food and debris do not become stuck and create irritation if you use it. 

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