The Main Reasons Why Cricket is the Most Popular Sport in India

Cricket is the main sport in India that is played widely by everyone worldwide and has a knack for attracting the most audience worldwide. People of India are proud to have and play the game of cricket, and some fans even regard it as a religion that demands both devotion and commitment from fans and players.

Since cricket was brought to Asia and other parts of the world by the British, people have developed a fascination with the subtlety of the game balanced with the heart of a lion attitude that you need to play and win a single match. Currently, most other countries play better cricket than England due to the sheer practice and dedication they have shown towards the sport over the years.

The game has gained immense popularity in the eyes and hearts of the Indian people, and let’s check out why it is the most popular sport in India.

Easy To Play

One of the many reasons cricket is so popular in India is that it is one of the easiest games to play. To play the game, you must learn how to hold the bat and strike the ball thrown at you by the bowler. To bowl in cricket, you must practice the run-up and aim to the wicket properly to stump the cricketer. It is easy after a few rounds, and even the player in his first game can score a few runs or take a few wickets down.

The game also does not demand a lot of space, and gully cricket is a unique format popularly played in small lanes and bylanes across various cities in India.

The rules are also simple, and the equipment required is only a bat and a ball, making it playable in one of the cheapest ways possible.

Fantasy Cricket Games

This is one of the best and all-inclusive cricket apps that helps the promotion of cricket online. Through the development of fantasy cricket games, people are closely associated with the ongoing matches to get more detailed knowledge about players’ performance worldwide. These apps are updated daily, and you can get an acute representation of their live schedules and create a team from scratch with your favorite players. To play cricket fantasy games, you have to keep an open mind and accept all things so that you can grow and understand the online game’s follow-up and not get distracted by what is happening in the real world of cricket.

Also, another aspect of online games is that you have the chance to get rewards and prizes from all the very inviting matches that prove to be very lucrative, so more people are joining in on the fun and spreading the good word about the game.

Amazing Stadiums

Undoubtedly, India has some of the best cricket stadiums in the world. Some of them are among the largest considering size and accommodation together. In each town you visit in India, you will get at least one cricket stadium ready for play with all facilities. The sport is so well loved that whenever youngsters get time, they are pulled towards it like a magnet and hang around the grounds to feel the energy. More than this factor, along with the availability of stadiums, there are also places of proper training that highlight these centers. Always equipped with the best teachers, these infrastructures provide great grounds that make people polish their skills under good tutelage.

Profitable Sport

As a business, this sport is also a fantastic investment, and if you know how to play cricket, you will surely get attached to an agency somewhere so that you can get some form of payment at all times through your knowledge and expertise in the game. If you get into the cricket business as a player, then brands will endorse you, and players can earn a lot of money for themselves and do good for the sport with these fortunes. Cricket players are equal and more so than celebrities; therefore, they have a huge influence on the common people and use that to help charities and run cricket institutes so that the future generation can get the best assistance.

Youngsters are impressed with cricketers’ stable, luxurious lifestyle and are drawn to the sport, encouraging more people to like the game.



The most famous cricket league, called the Indian Premier League, is based in India, making the sport so widely celebrated by the nation’s people. This format was introduced after India managed to win the inaugural T20, which was a spectacle in itself.

Since the revelation of the IPL, many bollywood stars have come in to buy official teams and make it a sport filled with more glitz than before. The popularity of IPL has reached such stages that stars now plan their movie releases around this game so that the dates do not clash and fans can get a load of both sides of the entertainment.

Final Thoughts

Cricket is a sport that is seemingly only rising in the eyes of the people as its popularity keeps growing in folds as years go by. The game is intricately designed so that there is no ounce of boredom in a match, and people can have fun with their family and friends over the weekend or during the week. The shorter formats offer a much more intricate game style which fetches even more fans, only proving that cricket is here to stay and evolve with the desires and wants of people worldwide, especially in India.

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