The Early Signs and Symptoms of Hair Loss and Where to Get Treated in Lakewood Ranch

Hair loss, scientifically known as Alopecia is experienced by many individuals. There is no age or gender bar however, elderly people experience it more. According to hair experts, it is natural to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair in a couple of days and that doesn’t matter a lot. This is because the hair is replaced by new hair soon. However, if it isn’t replaced or the hair loss is more, then it is a grave concern, especially for children and youngsters. 

At Lakewood Ranch, there are many hair care specialists providing immediate hair loss treatment. You can consult alopecia consultation & medical management Lakewood Ranch to get solution for hair loss and gain beneficial tips to maintain it. 

The causes of hair loss

  • Heredity.
  • Can be side effect of treatment for chronic illness. 
  • Elderly age. 
  • Unhygienic way of maintaining hair.
  • Usage of more chemical-based hair care products. 

Signs and symptoms of hair loss or baldness

  • No new hair is seen on the scalp where the denseness of hair is lost. 
  • In few months, the hair on center part of the head starts thinning, reducing and soon that area becomes bald. 
  • The hairline on the forehead starts reducing and eventually, the front part of the scalp hair vanishes. 
  • In elderly people, especially women, the hair density reduces and gradually the scalp of the head is seen clearly. 
  • Sudden shock or while undergoing treatment leads to hair loss at a faster phase. A handful of hair would come out whenever hair is touched or combed. Even body hair starts vanishing. However, it is a temporary phase as in few months new hair starts growing. 
  • Fungal or bacterial infection play a great role in hair loss. The patches of scaling can be seen on the scalp, which is mainly due to the presence of ringworms in the body. Sometimes, excess dandruff would lead to hair loss. 
  • Children do lose hair because of scalp disorder, but it is temporary. 
  • Cradle cap happens mostly in infants that may result in hair loss. However, the hair grows fast once the ailment is treated. 

Many people consult hair transplanting specialists in Lakewood Ranch mainly for hair loss treatment. The surgeon after examining prescribes the treatment. Most of the treatments are non-surgical, which have lasting effects. For normal hair loss medications are suggested. There are many kinds of regenerative medicines like platelet-rich plasma that is slowly achieving popularity for its added benefits. Hence, don’t think twice to consult a hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch if you have hair loss issue.

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