The difference between MTBs and Hybrid Bikes

In the past few years, the world of bicycles has seemed to grow in great proportions, with various variants becoming a part of every year. In broader terms, we have electric bicycles, road bicycles, hybrid bicycles, mountain bicycles and all-terrain bicycles. These bicycles are further categorised into special bicycles, which are perfect for a particular riding style and a certain kind of terrain. In the last few years, people are also taking up cycling more and more, and one of the things they encounter is the many choices. While these choices can be liberating, however, they can also be confusing. One of the main dilemmas which exist is about hybrid cycles and mountain bikes. Let’s learn the difference between them: 

Mountain Bicycles:

Mountain cycles, or MTBs as they are fondly referred to, are cycles that are created for mountainous terrain. These cycles are great for treacherous and rugged topographies and are engineered keeping that in mind. These cycles don’t perform as well on roads and can be heavier too. Some of the features:

  1. A mountain bicycle comes with suspension; it can be either front suspension or full [front and rear] suspension. Suspension makes sure that the ride is smooth and shock-free.
  2. A mountain bicycle comes with thick and knobby tires; these tires are created keeping in mind the unpredictable nature. They offer high traction and grip on the road.
  3. MTBs come with frames that are durable and sturdy. They can be heavier than a classic road bicycle.
  4. The cycle comes with many gears; in mountainous terrain, we don’t have a straight road. The versatility of the terrain requires the switching of gears.

We must purchase a mountain bike that fits the features above. Defeatr Pro 29T – New Edition by Ninety One Cycles is an excellent option that comes with fast & dynamic disc brakes and a classy carbon steel frame.

Hybrid Bicycles:

Hybrid cycles are not altogether different from mountain bicycles; in fact, they were built in mind keeping riders who like both road biking and a bit of off-roading. If you’re someone who’s still figuring out their riding style or a beginner in the world of cycling, then a hybrid cycle like the Bloodwing 700C by Ninety One Cycles will be perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some features:

  1. Hybrid bicycles are perfect for commuting around the city roads; they are also perfect for gravelly roads. These cycles generally have wheels in 700C size that are perfect for paved roads. However, they can take up some off-roading as well.
  2. Hybrid cycles often have sturdy frames; they are durable. This feature is adopted from mountain bicycles.
  3. Hybrid bicycles may not come with suspension, or at maximum, they come with front suspension.
  4. Hybrid bicycles don’t come with as many gears as mountain bikes and therefore don’t offer that variety for changing terrain. Hybrid cycles are also not as specialised as mountain bicycles may be.

Hybrid cycles are perfect for many riders as it gives them an opportunity to experiment with various terrains. Mountain bicycles and hybrid Cycles are some of the best rides to explore the world; while they do hold certain similarities, they are also completely different!

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