The Benefits of Birdnesting for Houston Parents Going Through a Divorce


When two parents in Houston are going through a divorce, they may be looking for a child custody arrangement that works best for their family. Birdnesting is an alternative solution that is becoming increasingly popular among divorcing couples, and Houston divorce attorneys are beginning to recommend it to their clients. This blog post will discuss the many benefits of birdnesting, and how it can be beneficial for Houston parents who are going through a divorce.

What is birdnesting?

Birdnesting is an alternative child custody arrangement that allows children to remain in the family home while the parents take turns moving in and out. This arrangement offers a less disruptive approach to parenting during the difficult transition of divorce. It allows the children to stay in their home, which can be beneficial for their emotional well-being and stability.

The benefits of birdnesting

Birdnesting is an excellent option for Houston parents going through a divorce. This approach allows children to stay in their family home while each parent takes turns living there. This keeps the home and family structure intact, allowing children to adjust more easily to the changes. It also minimizes disruptions in the child’s life, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

How to make birdnesting work?

Birdnesting is a divorce arrangement that allows children to remain in the family home while parents move in and out of the residence. It requires cooperation between both parents and a flexible living arrangement. To make birdnesting successful, both parents need to agree on a plan and follow through with it. Scheduling and budgeting must also be taken into consideration to ensure the best outcome for the children.

Examples of birdnesting arrangements

One example of a birdnesting arrangement is for the child to remain in the family home and for each parent to take turns living there. The other parent would stay in a separate residence during their designated time. Another example is for the child to remain in the family home and both parents to alternate staying there, while the other stays in a separate residence.


Birdnesting can be a great solution for Houston parents going through a divorce. It’s important to discuss this option with your divorce attorney to ensure you are creating the best plan for your family. With careful planning, birdnesting can provide stability and security for children during the divorce process.

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