Stylish Wardrobe Designs That Look Good and Address Storage Issues

If you’re looking for bedroom furniture to keep your clothes and accessories organized, a wardrobe is a must-have. Our wooden wardrobes are effective storage solutions for everything from clothing to bedding, and they help keep your home clutter-free. Wakefit offers high-quality solid wood bedroom wardrobe designs with mirror at affordable prices in India. You can choose from different designs, including hinged doors, sliding doors, or mirrored options, as well as single-door to 4 door wardrobes, depending on your room size and purpose. We use premium materials such as Sheesham wood, engineered wood, and plastic to ensure durability and long-lasting quality.

With Wakefit, you can pick your favorite bedroom wardrobe online in India. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you choose a contemporary wardrobe design that meets your storage needs, wardrobe price online and looks great in your home.

A decent wooden wardrobe for bedroom organization ideas design should handle one’s storage issues while also looking contemporary. We frequently have a tendency to neglect the topic of maximizing storage when selecting an off-the-shelf wardrobe or building a bespoke wardrobe in favor of trendy wardrobe designs that go with the home’s theme and décor. Let’s examine several wardrobe designs that offer a room and work well with the interior design of the home. Things to think about while picking a modern wardrobe design

Here, we discuss several criteria you should consider before selecting a contemporary cupboard design

  • Placement Of A Modern Wardrobe:

Consider The Size And Dimensions Of The Room Before Making A Choice Of A Modern Wardrobe. For smaller spaces, you may go for a contemporary sliding wardrobe design or a 2 door wardrobe for small room with front door openings. Keep them to one side of the room to give the illusion of more space and reduce clutter. Look for a walk-in modern closet design if your bedroom is big. Plan your budget depending on the design and size of the room before deciding on a wardrobe option for tiny bedrooms.

  • Materials for a Modern Wardrobe:

Since this is a long-term investment, choose something stylish and durable. Teakwood or solid wood wardrobes are options, but they are expensive and maintenance-intensive. If you want an economical, low-maintenance closet, choose wardrobes made of metals, laminates, or plywood.

  • Stylish Contemporary Wardrobe Ideas:

There are a variety of wardrobe designs available that may transform your space and maximize storage.

  • Wardrobe with Louvers: To allow air to pass through, the wardrobe doors of these modern closets have little holes cut out of them. This keeps the garments fresh and odor-free even when not used in a while.
  • Japandi Wardrobe Design: The design of this wardrobe is modern and combines Scandinavian and Japanese design features. It is advantageous in terms of aesthetics and storage capacity. The layout of a walk-in closet is opulent, with lots of hanging and storage space and a place for everything in its rightful place.
  • Retro clothing with a contemporary edge: This wardrobe’s inner storage has a traditional appearance with a contemporary edge. Using vintage accessories like door knobs or door knob fittings may also provide the appearance of a contemporary closet.

Breaking every norm is the first guideline for designing a boho outfit. A bohemian outfit is usually unique and incorporates many elements, such as strange hues that look excellent.

  • Important Wardrobe Ideas

After discussing some well-known and modern wardrobe designs, let’s look at some contemporary wardrobe suggestions that are crucial for practicality, storage, and clutter-free living.

1. Fashion Wardrobe Planning

The primary problem with clothes is that they collect and take up a lot of space. They won’t always be in these huge heaps, you know. To use the vertical space in your closet to remedy this issue, ensure it has hooks. It’s a great idea to have a modern wardrobe with pull-out fabric organizers for small-size apparel and underwear.

2. Design of Accessory Wardrobe

We all enjoy shopping for accessories that go with our clothing. When we shop, we rarely think about the best locations and methods for storing things. We want a specific space in our modern wardrobe to securely store and conveniently retrieve these items as required. When choosing a closet, keep in mind that it should have a shelf or chest of drawers where accessories such as jewelry, ties, cufflinks, watches, sunglasses, etc. may be kept.

3. A modern wardrobe that serves as both a closet and a shoe cabinet

One of the most common problems is where to store less-frequently used formal and party shoes. It is often a good idea to select a wardrobe that also serves as a shoe cabinet to store formal and party shoes. Most closets automatically convert their lower section into a place to store designer shoes. Slender shelves for storing shoes may also be seen in contemporary closets.

4. Design of a Lofted Wardrobe

You will always need more space, especially for bulkier and less often used but still necessary goods, no matter how much storage you have. Think about how important it is to have raincoats and umbrellas in a city like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc., or how important it is to have woolens and blankets in the winter in northern regions. Our travel bags also need to be kept and stored. Lofts with modern wardrobes could come in quite handy in these circumstances. You may utilize the vertical space and organize and clean your room by adding a loft to the top of your closet.

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