Steps to Take After a Deer Collision 

When you imagine a car accident, you may think about two or more vehicles colliding with each other. However, that is not the only kind of accident that occurs on the roads. If you live in the countryside or travel by countryside routes often, you may have heard about cars hitting animals like deer accidentally and injuring the animal as well as themselves in the process. 

Often nighttime, dark places, and lack of street lighting make it difficult for drivers to see animals on the roads. Still, driving slowly and safely when crossing the countryside is advisable, especially if it is infamous for animal accidents. If you were in a car accident involving a deer, contact a Toledo car accident attorney today. 

Steps to take after a deer collision 

  • Get to safety. 

If you get out of the accident alive, you should first pick yourself up and get to a safe place. If you do not know where to go, at least stand on the safe side of the road. Try to move your vehicle if you are able to, or call emergency services for help. Standing in the middle of the road with your broken vehicle can cause more danger to you, your passengers, and other oncoming vehicles. Remember to turn on your hazard lights. 

  • Call 911. 

Once you make sure that you and the passengers in your car are safe, call 911 so that you can create a police report and share it with your insurance company. If you have a comprehensive coverage plan, an accident with a deer or other animal should be covered in your plan. If you hit another object or tree, that falls under the category of collision coverage. 

  • Document. 

Documenting is important after every car accident. Ensure you take photos and videos of the accident scene, the injured animals, your injuries, and your vehicle. Take as many pictures as possible and click from different angles. Do not forget to take a panoramic view of the accident to capture the entire scene in one frame. The insurance company will demand evidence before they cover your damages.

Steer clear of the deer

When an animal is harmed, it may be frightened and scared and ready to attack you to defend itself. Even though you may want to look at its injuries, the deer may not understand your intentions and harm you. Wild animals are strong enough to attack and injure humans even when injured. Not only are deers powerful, but they have sharp hooves that can puncture your skin.

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