Star Wars The Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX Lightsaber

Removable Blade Kit Fisto Lightsaber Hasbro Star Wars Force FX While not much is known about the upcoming toy, we do know that it will come with a removable blade kit. In case you missed my video on what to expect from this lightsaber I can recommend checking out our interview for more info and details: The Best of DC Comics Sneak Peek 2016!

When she arrived at C-Sec’s Tower for the first time in 39 ABY, he insisted that they sit down together while looking into what could be dangerous as Sith assassins were operating on Belsavis. She agreed despite seeing nothing unusual about him or those around him when it came to security techniques.

And now onto the Black Series Kit Fisto Force FX lightsaber, which I also received for review purposes. Recently, this lightsaber had reached about $149, which is a lot more than when it first launched.

I’m happy to report that the second version of this collapsible lightsaber has a more matte finish and feels like a burlap bag in material compared to the earlier version which felt out of place, even though technically it’s built using the same materials.

A cheaper price will obviously cut down on production costs and allow for a better customer experience, but I think all of us would have preferred spending a little bit extra if it meant being able to get the old finish.

The new finish definitely looks better and is closer to what was advertised on Hasbro’s website but falls behind its big brother the Bladebuilders Sith lightsaber. It’s just strange that two Star Wars toys can feel so different in design yet share the same manufacturer and licence.

I will say that the change is much-needed both for aesthetic purposes and for safety reasons — this thing can hurt someone if you aren’t careful. The blade is still adjustable because you can move a gear on the hilt to change its length from 3 inches to 5½ inches. There are still no sounds to be found here.

As previously mentioned, the older version of this lightsaber came with a much more realistic design and a softer plastic similar to that of an old bladebuilders lightsaber. This was great for collecting purposes but terrible for safety reasons as it could potentially break much easier than its newer counterpart. I’ve never suffered a broken blade before, but I know someone who has and luckily it wasn’t too expensive or serious.

This is the best remote control Star Wars lightsaber kit you can buy in my opinion ( we don’t compare toys to real swords). I have a few star wars things in my house including a first order blaster, but this is hands down the best. I’ll talk about the coolest parts of this lightsaber kit and call out my favourite things about it.

Overall I think this is a good product, I like the build quality, you’re getting two lightsabers in one, they’re pretty sturdy and they stay together when you’re swinging it around. There are multiple play functions: Lights, Sights and Sounds, which are pretty cool. The sounds are cool but having “lights, sights and sounds” makes it seem like it does more than just cool sounds. There was also little assembly required(got this for christmas haha).

The sound quality is great for a toy(who puts speakers inside toys these days?), but the sounds you can make are sorta basic. You can make humming noises, lightsaber swooshes and slashing noises(not a lot of variety there).

All in all, I like this toy, because it is well built, 2 in 1 (lightsaber and lightsaber hilt), easy to use and all my friends wanted to play with it as well(this one was a crowd pleaser). Oh yeah also something every nerd likes kids of all ages will enjoy.

And most importantly my wife likes it too or at least she doesn’t mind that I own it(which is kinda weird though because she loves star wars even more than I do. Thus meaning if she really didn’t like it I probably won’t get any).

Once I figured out how to use this neopixel lightsaber properly, I enjoyed playing around with all of its features quite a bit even though I am no Jedi master.

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