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A linda claridad. A una linda pintura. Un mundo de las pinturas, con unos recetables Techshiebertechcrunch, otro diseño. Aunque los recetables pueden ser complicados, no hay que dejarse convincular con la vida cotidiana. Los recetables son una fermetad y fidelidad a la diferencia. No se miran, son raras veces y cuando se les muestran no siempre se piensa por qué: ¿quién puede imaginar eso? Llenar el estopín con algun postre es una pintura encantadora. Y la línea artisticamente muy lindana es la claridad; sin tienda blanca no hay otra cosa mas que la solitaria claridad. Pinturas encantadoras para todos los gustos: arte, literatura, teatro, design y decoración totalmente nueva como propio del siglo XXI.

The French Impressionist painters of the first half of the century

While the Impressionists were influenced by naturalism, they also recognized the artificiality of the world around them. They were not satisfied with the realist methods of Jan Brueghel the Elder and Less, who were only satisfied with the artistic textures created by nature. The Impressionists were against the representativeness of art and against the artificiality of industrial design. The art of nature and the picturesque were for them the perfect subjects for painting. The French impressionists painted in this style reflect this.

The Dutch Post-Impressionists

After their period ofPopery, the Dutch Post-Impressionists were, in a sense, the first modern painters. They painted in a style that is still called “post-impressionist”, that is, they painted after the Russian and American Impressionists. The Dutch Post-Impressionists were, in many ways, more creative than their contemporaries in Paris and New York. They were also a little less successful in their native land, where they would never have been accepted by the Academy of Art.

The English Cézanne

The English Cézanne is perhaps the most famous and honored of all contemporary painters. Born in 1919, his work is often called “the first completely modernist painting”. The English Cézanne immediately attracted the attention of the art world, and he attracted great criticism for his work. For many years his work was almost completely unknown outside of Europe, and art dealers were reluctant to purchase his work. But a collection of his works was acquired by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, and now it is the home of some of the most celebrated modernist paintings.

The Dutch Erving and Twillingen

The Dutch Post-Impressionists were very much influenced by the art of the 18th century. They were not, however, able to ignore the works of the 18th century. The 18th century was the time of the hallucinations, of the fantastical, the imagination, and of the mythological. The 18th century also saw the rise of the romantic movement, which viewed the world through a romanticized perspective. The romantic imagination was closely related to the imagination of nature. The Dutch Post-Impressionists were artists who rejected the idea of the realist style and painted in a more impressionistic style.

The Spanish Cubo e Fons

The Spanish Cebuano Rubén Darío was one of the most famous and most highly successful of the new generation of Spanish Modernists. After studying under Pablo Picasso at the Paris Museum of ModernArt, Darío settled in Barcelona and became a leading light of the new generation of Barcelona Modernists. Like many of his generation, Darío took inspiration from nature, but he also painted images of cityscapes, human interaction, and natural scenery. The cubo e folios are an ideal canvas for painting impressionist Images of Nature.

The Portuguese Carrasco

The little-known French artist José Carrasco was closely related to the old school of painters, the Impressionists. Like many of his generation, Carrasco was a product of the creative process, but his work reflected a more serious and realistic approach to reality. Like many of his contemporaries, Carrasco was very interested in the mystical and the fantastical. These themes were very much present in his work. The architecture of his works also very much reflected his theories about the relationship between mind and matter. The final image of the piece “The Architecture of mental Death” is a painting that shares many traits with Carrasco’s work: the architecture of mental death.


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