Smart tips to make your trade show booth stand out in the crowd 

According to recent reports, it has been found that an average attendee spends around 8.5 hours taking a look at trade show booths during a single exhibition. Don’t you think that this is enough time for you to communicate with your prospective customers? Yes, indeed this is a lot of time to introduce your products and gather contact details that you might need for following back later.

But much before you begin to establish good relationships with your visitors through trade show displays, you have to first attract them to your booth. Amidst the sea of displays and other booths, how are you supposed to make your trade show booths stand out in the crowd? 

Set your goals and identify your target

Before you start planning the design of your booth and sending out invites, you have to establish definite goals for your trade show display. What kind of impression are you trying to make on your current customers? Or are you looking forward only to attracting new ones? Are you trying to build brand awareness in a new area or promote an item that has just launched? Unless your goals are properly set, you won’t be able to target the right audience. 

Make the entrance grand

As the goals are set, start implementing them immediately. Try purchasing the pre-show registration list so that you can connect with the attendees of the trade show through postcards, emails, and social media. With a grand entrance, you can easily draw the right kind of audience toward your booth.

Keep some empty space towards your trade show booth

While you design your trade show display, you should keep in mind how to maximize your space for your benefit. You shouldn’t make the mistake of cluttering every inch of the booth with furniture, graphics, and displays. Just as with the content of your site, whitespace is important. This balances your exhibit. The thumb rule is to make sure there is at least 40% of empty space in your booth. 

So, if you’re wondering about how to make your trade show booth stand out in the crowd, follow the above-listed tips. Keep measuring the engagement as per your goals and utilize the metrics to plan the next trade show display. Take some time and put in some effort to realize what you learned from your trade show and share it with your coworkers.

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