Signs Your Blocked Drain Needs A Plumber

Clogged domestic drains can be frustrating. Most blocked drains can be unclogged using a variety of methods. Some blocked drains can be difficult to unclog. There are a few things you can do, like removing the bend or plunging the drain, but it is better to hire a professional plumber to handle the job. It can also be difficult to access blocked pipes due to their depth.

Here are five indicators it’s time to call a blocked drain plumber to unblock your drain rather than try solutions that could leave you in a greater situation. If you plan to remove the blockage yourself, do some research and use rubber gloves to protect your skin from chemicals and grime.

1. Off-The-Shelf Goods Don’t Work

We rush to the shop to get unblockers for our kitchen and bathroom drains when we notice a blockage. These are great for small blockages and can be used within 10 minutes. These treatments may not work in certain situations and your drain will remain plugged. These treatments can prove to be a false economy as they only work for a few days and then the blockage comes back. You have to purchase another bottle. When drainpipes become clogged, this can happen. This can be caused by clogged drainpipes. To access the problem, professional cleaning may be necessary.

2. Plunging Didn’t Work

If plunging doesn’t work, you may need expert assistance. When done correctly, plunging works. The method will not work if you aren’t careful. Plumbers are skilled at fixing problems and have had to practice plunging. It can be messy so hire a plumber to help you.

3. You’ve Tried Several Unblocking Tools

Wire pipe cleaners are drain uncloggers. You may need to get help if you have tried these products but are not seeing results. Although drain unblocking tools are effective in unblocking many drains, they can be costly and time-consuming if you don’t know how to use them. It is worth calling a plumber to unclog your drain before you buy any unblocking products.

4. The Blockage Is Frustrating

You may feel frustrated if you have tried to unclog the drain by yourself but failed. This is bad for your mental well-being. It may be worth calling an emergency plumber before frustration turns into panic. Although a blocked drain might seem straightforward, if you are unable to wash, clean, or shower, it will be frustrating. These irritants should be avoided and you should hire a professional.

5. The Clog Is Smelling

If the obstruction is causing a bad odor, call a plumber. Bad drain smells can have a negative impact on your home’s quality of life. A one-time fee for a plumber is well worth it. If left unattended, odors can spread throughout a home.

With These Five Indicators, Should You Call A Plumber For A Blocked Drain?

It is important to find a local plumber that you trust.

With years of experience, a plumber can solve your blocked drain. Although they may use techniques you have tried such as plunging to clear a blocked drain, a plumber can do the job quickly and efficiently based on their experience. A plumber is able to disassemble pipes and diagnose the problem. You will be able to safely reassemble pipes. Although it is possible to pull the drain apart to clean it, it may be more difficult to reassemble. If you don’t properly assemble the pipes, it is possible to have a larger problem.

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