Signs Your Acne Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide is Working

When you buy acne wash with benzoyl peroxide, it may not cost you the earth, but you still expect it to work, right? Well, some people have teething problems when they first start using it, as it can cause some irritation – although that’s very normal. 

We’ve created this blog to address the issue of people not getting the most from their acne wash. It’s a travesty when someone stops using it because they think it’s hurting them, so come with us now as we highlight the expected signs you should look out for that it’s working. 

Acne Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide = Less Severe Breakouts

There’s a misconception out there that acne products stop breakouts in their tracks – immediately. The truth is actually very different, as the best results take time. As such, you will keep getting breakouts – however, in just a week or two, you should see they’re much less angry and red.

Breakouts are not a sign that your acne products aren’t working, as that’s simply not how it works. You need to have that firmly in your mind so you don’t get discouraged when they appear. 

Retreating Nodules 

If your acne is on the more severe side, you’ll likely have nodules that are basically hard bumps under the skin that don’t actually look like regular spots. So, when you use acne wash with benzoyl peroxide, you should see that they start to fade and eventually disappear.

Those telltale bumps under the skin will start to even out, resulting in clearer-looking skin. It’s another sign you need to look out for to understand it’s working. 

Reduced Inflammation & Redness

Another way in which you can tell your acne products are working is by the fact that your skin will start to decrease in redness. Inflammation is one of the major indicators of a flare-up, so when it disappears, you can rest assured that your acne wash is doing its thing. 

You might also see that your skin starts to take a more normal tone and color, with your acne beginning to look more like a rash than anything else. 

Less Oily Skin 

Those who have acne often also have oily skin, which is caused by the build-up of dead skin and dirt. When your acne is uncontrolled, you’ll find that there will be more sebum on the skin’s surface, making it look wet and shiny. However, as your acne wash starts to work, you should see those oil levels start to diminish and balance out. 

As one of the primary contributors to acne, oil can cause misery that makes you feel less than comfortable. However, along with other things, your benzoyl peroxide eliminates oil, resulting in dryer skin that doesn’t need to be continually dabbed with blotting paper. 

Don’t Give Up – Your Acne Wash With Benzoyl Peroxide Will Work! 

So, your main takeaway from reading this article should be that patience is required when fighting acne. Once you start using it, keep an eye out for these signs, as they will tell you that you’re on the right path and it will give you the reassurance you need to keep going. 

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