Signs You Are The Right Candidate For Body Sculpting

If you are unhappy with the look of stubborn fat pockets, flabby regions, or folds throughout your body, you are not alone! These troublesome fat pockets can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Luckily, you can benefit from a body sculpting procedure.

However, because of the nature of Portland body sculpting aesthetics, not everybody is the ideal candidate for these procedures. Whereas a consultation with your specialist is the best way to establish your eligibility, these 5 signs might indicate that body contouring is appropriate for you.

1. You Have Loose Skin Around the Abdomen

To be a great candidate for body sculpting, you must have excess or loose skin around the abdomen. You might be the right candidate if your objective is simply to eliminate extra fat from the abdomen.

Besides, your specialist will create a cut to perform most body sculpting procedures. If your skin is overly tight, your belly might be left with a “stretched” look. If you only have extra skin below the navel, you might only be a candidate for a mini tuck instead of an extended or full tuck.

2. You Are Fairly Healthy

Body sculpting is quite a low-risk procedure. However, only healthy individuals are eligible for this treatment. For instance, your lungs and heart must be healthy as you will be sedated with general anesthesia.

Besides, being free from autoimmune and connective tissue disorders is crucial to ensure a quick and comfortable recovery. Your doctor will assess your health history during the initial consultation to determine your eligibility.

3. You Have Reasonable Expectations About the Outcomes

Body sculpting is a great way to address specific health concerns and enhance self-esteem. Nonetheless, it is not meant to be a weight loss treatment. Body sculpting should eliminate tiny pockets of extra fat that fail to go away with diet or exercise.

Besides, the outcomes of this treatment are permanent. Once the procedure eliminates the fat cells, new ones cannot develop to replace the fat cells that were removed. Nevertheless, to preserve the outcomes, maintaining a healthy weight range is crucial.

4. You Are Dedicated to a Healthy Lifestyle

As earlier highlighted, the best way to preserve body sculpting outcomes is to avoid losing or gaining too much weight. However, just as it is crucial to eat healthy, it is well as vital to take care of your skin.

Do not consume any type of tobacco byproduct. Avoid consuming excessive alcohol. Also, consume adequate water every day and get sufficient skin-supporting minerals and vitamins in your diet like vitamin K, vitamin C, and more.

5. You Are Done Being Pregnant

The ideal candidate for body sculpting should have no plans of being pregnant in the future. There are no health risks to your baby if you become pregnant. Nonetheless, every pregnancy risks huge weight gain, excess or loose skin, and tearing of the abdominal walls.

Any of these pregnancy effects will reverse the impacts of your procedure. You might require a follow-up procedure to regain your prenatal body if you get pregnant later.

Healthy dieting and exercise is the best way to manage your weight. However, if you want a more sculpted physique, these measures might not effectively eliminate the tiny, stubborn fat pockets.

Body sculpting can improve your looks, self-confidence, and life quality. If you think you might benefit from this aesthetic procedure, contact your provider to determine your eligibility.

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