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Are you ready to start making the most of your day Gabshiebertechcrunch? Well, here’s how to do it right: with movies. Whether you’re a young adult or an old fuddy-duddy, there’s something for everyone in this list of 10 top kannada cinema. From romance and comedy, to science fiction and action, these films will have you on the edge of your seat. From heart-stopping dramas to family fun classics, check out our list of the best kannada movies!

Arunachala: A tale of love and loss

In this sparkling Kannada tale, Aruna (Lali Godrej) falls in love with Dokka Alai (Anil Chidambaram), a farmer from a hill station. But their wedding is interrupted by a gale which brings havoc to all their loved ones. Forced to escape from the clutches of the storm, Aruna’s family and friends are taken to a nearby monastery, where they start to reflect on the past. What they need to keep to themselves is the terrible truth about their pasts, along with a promise to meet again in a better time. When they get back home, they learn that their beloved Dokka has been captured by a group of thieves. Forced to confront the truth about his past, Dokka is tempted and then shown the door by his attackers. Finally, his family and friends vow to one day repay the wrong they had done to him by avenging his wrongs.

Dokka Alai: An Ancient Indian Tale of Adventure and Loyalty

In this delightful tale, Bhagat Singh (Anil Chidambaram) comes to the aid of a Brahmin family when their lives are threatened by a Maratha warrior. Bhagat Singh’s warrior-cum-sage, Dokka (Amitabh Bachchan), is a true hero. Dokka is a true warrior, who in this tale rides a yakkar (an ancient and wild animal) to save a family from ruin. Seen from start to finish, Dokka is a story of adaption, loyalty and courage. Dokka is a true hero, whose story is interwoven with that of the Bhagats and their friends.

Bhagat Singh’s Jhoothi Ki Rani

This is the story of love, loss and adventure, told through the eyes of a doting mother who loves her four children with all her heart. Dharmesh (Sonam Kapoor) is the eldest son of Bhagata Singh (Anil Chidambaram) and Sarada (Playful Harpreet Kaur). When Bhagat Singh is called up for a mission, he asks his wife to take care of his children while he goes off to battle. When he returns, he is surprised to see his eldest son, Dharmesh, running in the house with a load ofSIYAS (Special Indianweapons). When Bhagata and Sarada hear this, they become suspicious and vow to avenge their fallen son’s death. When they are far away in the desert, a few Marathas approach Dharmesh with a plot to kill him. When he sees them coming, he charges at them with all his might, but is easily taken down. Forced to survive in the desert for months on end without any food or water, Dharmesh becomes a fighting man. When he dies, his wife comes to the conclusion that the Marathas are her husband’s killers. When they get back to the family home, they learn that his younger brother Gada Singh (Pankaj Mishra) has been gutted in an accident. Forced to eat his own organs, Gada Singh becomes a living reminder of his mentor, Bhagat Singh.

Kannada Actress Lali Godrej’s Sholapathi

This is a story of two women, Lali Godrej and Sanjeev Kumar. When Lali is pregnant with their first child, she comes to know that her partner is Sanjeev Kumar (Sanjay Dutt), a youth from a upper-class family. After the birth, Sanjeev returns to his own home, while Lali stays with her friend Amma (Sanjina N Degra). When they get back together, they have three children: Akil (Akshaya), Akil Paa (Ravindra) and Shivani (Rambha).Amma is a famous Kannada artist and the Kannada language play is successful both at home and abroad.

Bhootnagar’s Gulabdas

This is a comedy in all the right ways, and it’s a real treat for the eyes and the heart. In this tale, a small-town goulard stores elephants, who are then transported to a remote hill station for their shoot-dance. While the elephants are being trained, an iron-hearted Goulard’s nephew, Moti (Salim Nair) and his pals come up with an ingenious plan to steal the elephants and send them off to sea. Moti, who is the son of Goulard’s younger brother, Mal Guru (Salom Nair) and his wife Sukanya, gets himself in trouble for the theft and is threatened with execution. When he is about to be hanged, he and his henchmen come up with an ingenious plan to escape and let the elephants loose on the Goulard’s estate. They have a plan to steal the elephants and have it ready for the shoot. When Goulard’s sons and his wife see this, they become infuriated and demand to see the plan. Now, that’s action!

Peepli’s Jaanarthi Arjunanatha Pillai-Panchmi Parvathi

This is a great story of love, loss and redemption, told through the eyes of a sweet old Tamil woman. When her husband gets passed away, she must take care of their remaining two children, who are very young. Her 14-year-old daughter, Pari (Anupam Kalyan), is from a lower-middle class family and is a strict, conservative Muslim. When his older daughter, Mrity (Anupam Kalyan), is about to marry a Hindu girl, he takes up for her the offer of leading a turmeric field trip to a nearby hill station. When the turmeric field trip goes wrong, he is framed for the crimes and subsequently sent to jail. When he is released, he comes to the conclusion that the whole thing is a setup by his stepmother, whose name is Pari. When he is about to meet his mother, he meets a girl from a lower-middle class family, who helps him find his way back to his conservative beliefs.

Bhuveri Baby with an Iron Fist

This is a flip-top history lesson of the great Bhuveri Bata, and his city of origin, Bhagsu. When Bhuveri is young, he and his friend Ajit (Varun Dhawan) set off on a journey through the forests,bs and fields of Bhagsu. When they get to Bhagsu, they see a beautiful city and a thriving economy, and Ajit and Bhuveri decide to stay put. While Ajit stays put to build a fire, Bhuveri starts a bakery and takes his family to a nearby town for lunch. When he returns home, he learns that his stepfather has been murdered and his house has been set on fire. When the family returns to Bhagsu, they are surprised to find that the streets are empty. When they see the burning house, they become enraged and start a campaign to lynch the culprits. When they are all arrested, Bhuveri vows to avenge the murder of his stepfather, and his family vows to return to Bhagsu and take revenge on their attackers.

Shobu Reddy’s Vijaykhande Naalavasu Shobruaaneesh

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