Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: Best Strategies to Improve Product Visibility

Online retailers are constantly looking for ways to sell their goods to customers on Amazon and generate a stable income. But creating a product page on Amazon is simply the start of the process of becoming an online vendor. You need to consider several criteria to ensure you’re dedicated to your store and offering genuine products to your customers. Due to low Amazon product visibility, many new merchants are dissatisfied with how slowly their supplies are selling.

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While millions of consumers search for products online, there are also a sizable number of retailers who sell goods. It’s critical to distinguish oneself from the competitors in the Amazon marketplace, where there are an estimated 2.5 million (and counting!) active merchants. We’ve detailed five practical methods you might use to boost the visibility of your products to online buyers in light of the heightened competition.

Utilize SEO Techniques to Enhance Search

Customers have a difficult time locating your products because there are other sellers of comparable goods on Amazon. For them to notice your product listings, you should take some action. Search engine optimization is the secret to gaining unrestricted visibility and enhancing the efficiency of finding products through organic search.

Customers rely on Amazon’s algorithm to find the products they want to buy, so retailers must use SEO techniques to enhance their search keyword performance. This means that in order for your listing to appear in the top-ranked results, merchants need to be aware of the pertinent keywords that are being used in searches on both Amazon and other websites. After thoroughly studying the relevant keywords, strategically distribute them throughout your listing. Search engines will automatically rank your listings higher in results when these keywords are found, putting you one step closer to gaining more buyers.

Share Listings on Social Media

Utilizing social media is a great approach to increasing the visibility of your product listings. Statistics show that the typical person uses social media for at least two hours every day. Online retailers will see an increase in interested customers if they start using these platforms to make their Amazon goods more visible.

Aim to write pieces that will subtly persuade readers to click on your product listings and read more about them. It’s recommended to refrain from putting up adverts because they can grow boring; instead, attempt to provide visitors with something of value, as this will be more beneficial to them.

  • Post content that includes the products list link: When aiming to pique the reader’s interest, it’s crucial to share relevant and instructive content. In order to increase the visibility of your products entails releasing a blog post, video, or infographic that provides pertinent information to potential customers along with the listing link. This technique is employed by numerous business accounts to market their listings on social media covertly.
  • Offer social media discount codes: Online Amazon retailers can build social media connections that advertise a deal or discount code on the listing. By assisting clients in saving money on delivery, shipping, or a discount, you are providing value to your customers when you provide a promo code.

By using high-quality content, social media is a powerful resource that can increase your Amazon product’s visibility and reach a larger audience.

Develop Titles & Content that are Keyword-Rich

Once you’ve chosen the appropriate keywords to utilize in your listing, it’s time to strategically arrange them in your product descriptions and titles so that Amazon’s algorithm can recognize them. Your product’s title is the first thing potential buyers will see, so it must be engaging, pertinent, and informative to entice them to consider buying it. Prospects that visit your product page should be given a brief but comprehensive description of the item, including information on its brand, features, quality, packaging, etc. This information should be arranged so that the pertinent term appears first to increase the likelihood that it will appear in higher search results. Additionally, this supports Amazon’s search algorithm, which favors terms that come first in the title and aids customers in better understanding the product.

Don’t “keyword stuff” your content or add too many keywords. If your product page is crammed with irrelevant keywords, you’re less likely to succeed in your goal of increasing Amazon product visibility and improving conversions.

Optimize for Mobile Consumers

The majority of web traffic in recent years has come from mobile devices. In order for customers to easily access your webpage on mobile devices, company websites have optimized their platforms for mobile users worldwide. Amazon sellers frequently neglect mobile optimization, discouraging many mobile customers from viewing their listings. But the success of your seller rating and shop depends on these figures.

This entails reducing titles, bullets, and product descriptions to make them more readable on mobile screens and optimizing mobile content for SEO. When paragraphs are not correctly spaced, or the text is not properly structured, it looks unpleasant and unwelcoming. Similarly, optimization ensures that image dimensions and resolution are altered in accordance with screen size to ensure that the viewer’s experience is unaffected. Your product visibility on Amazon will increase dramatically, and you’ll gain a competitive edge if you optimize your listing for mobile visitors.

Prioritize High-Quality Images & Graphics

Before making a final purchase, every online consumer who buys products relies on the product images and the caliber of pictures offered by the vendor. This makes it clear that the quantity, caliber, and variety of photographs included with the product description significantly increase the visibility of your product listing.

For your Amazon listing to be successful, you must supply high-quality photographs that clearly show all the product’s components and characteristics. In addition, the vendor should show the product from several perspectives to provide the customer with a clear impression of how the product looks. Sharing images of the product in use, if possible, can also boost the likelihood that potential customers will purchase it.


Focus on the essential elements that make your products more enticing to potential clients because there is always space for improvement. Setting the aforementioned strategies as your top priorities will improve the visibility of your products on Amazon while also improving the overall experience for customers.

With ex-Amazon experts as staff, SalesDuo has the expertise that no other firm has to increase businesses’ visibility and revenues. SalesDuo is a one-stop solution to manage all aspects of the eCommerce business. This makes it easy for retail brands of all sizes to focus on what matters most while we help them set up, manage and grow their business on multiple marketplaces across various markets. For more information, visit

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