Salient Features of Husqvarna Power Saw 272

A saw is an instrument with sharp teeth-like spikes and can cut through hard materials.

This article will focus on the Husqvarna power saw 272, which combines rapid acceleration and high power. Get yourself one and experience the immense power after being enlightened by this feature.

Stiff competition among companies and the ambition to stay in the game have led to many technological advancements. As such, work continues to be made more accessible daily due to the invention of high-tech machines. One such is the Husqvarna power saw which has landed with a bang.

Below are some of the features that make it outstanding.


It weighs 6.3kg and hence can easily be handled. This lightweight makes it easier for the user to move around with it without getting tired. The friendly weight enables the user to raise it, slant it and even use it on horizontal objects.


It comes with a powerful motor of 3.6kW. This great power enables it to cut through hard surfaces, mainly hardwood, easily. Notably, the engine accelerates the machine quickly, allowing the user to immediately start and finish the given work within a short time. Time is not spent creating the device.

Angled front handle

This handle makes it easy to tilt the machine at whichever angle the user deems fit. The handle makes it easy to stretch the device to the desired position without moving. It also makes portability easy since one hand can comfortably lift the instrument. The handle is made of soft material that is friendly to the hands; hence one cannot lose grip on it due to acceleration.

Adjustable oil pump

This pump ensures that sufficient oil is spread to the necessary parts without leakages. At the same time, it helps in increasing or decreasing the flow of oil depending on the amount of work at hand. In the long run, this contributes to saving fuel costs since wastage is controlled, and there is no need for constant lubrication.

Three-piece crankshaft

The three combined elements create a tremendous force that converts the linear motion into a full rotation that accelerates the machine. Notably, this three play a crucial role in pushing the Husqvarna power saw 272 price in Kenya piston straight up the cylinder.


It is essential to choose the Husqvarna power saw since it has a definite shape, friendly material and high acceleration, which results in effortless work precision.


When looking for this machine, you will be impressed by the anti-vibration fitted dampeners designed to absorb vibrations. It protects the user’s hands from any swellings. At the same time, it makes it comfortable to hold the handle without sweating.

Price of Husqvarna power saw

There are so many sizes in store for consumers. Each size has got its price tag. The consumer has the liberty to take home the power saw that they could comfortably pay for. Despite the size, with Husqvarna power saw 272, one gets value for their money.


Many models keep on propping up in the market. However, with this new machine in store, be rest assured that Husqvarna power saw 272 would leave a permanent satisfaction in your heart. Go for it.

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