Questions To Ask When You Receive A Phone Call From The Collection Agency 

It is often the case that debtors get calls from the collection agency and do not know what to say. Since the average person does not have much knowledge about the laws and regulations, it is easy to make a mistake or say something wrong. Not being aware of your rights also puts you in a vulnerable position to the collection agency’s tactics. 

When you receive a call from the collection agency for the first time, it is important to know which questions to ask the caller. Asking the right questions will enable you to understand whether the debt is even valid. If you are facing issues regarding a debt collector, speak to a debt collection defense lawyer in Chicago today. 

Questions to ask a debt collector when they call you for the first time 

  • What is your first and last name?

When you get a call from a debt collector for the first time, the first thing you must ask them is their first and last name. If they tell you their first name but not the last or vice versa, then you can hang up the call as they are probably trying to hide something. They may even try to change the topic while they are at it and move your focus from their name. 

  • What company do you work for?

The second question you need to ask them is which company they work in. You may hear them say they are calling on behalf of someone, but that is not sufficient information. Knowing where they are calling from is helpful in understanding if the debt is even valid. The call should be over there if they refuse to answer this question. 

  • Which number are you calling from?

Collection companies in Chicago nowadays have found various ways to hide their phone numbers, even if it is illegal. People who do not have caller ID pick up their calls as they may not recognize the number. The longer you stay on the call with them, the better their chances of seeking money from you. If you ask for the phone number and they refuse, you should not continue with the phone call. 

  • Who are you calling for, and what is the name of the original creditor?

If you have gotten this far, ask them who they are calling for and who the current owner of the debt is. You may find them asking for your social security number or other forms of verification before they can reveal further information. Do not fall into this trap and simply hang up the call. 

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