Purchasing a pallet jack Made Easy; The Ultimate Guide

Pallet jacks are essential tools of work in warehouses. Their work is to lift and move pallets from one place to another in a warehouse.

This article explains more about pallet jacks. It is meant to be a reference for anyone wanting to purchase a pallet jack.

Do you know what a pallet jack is? If not, worry not since this article serves to inform you more about the pallet jack. A pallet jack is just but a basic form of a forklift. Now you got an idea.

As simple as it may appear, a pallet jack is an essential machine in a warehouse setting that is used for hauling pallets. These pallets usually hold bulky packages of goods. These small machines are designed to serve the purpose of a forklift but are only practical in cases of smaller luggage than which a forklift can haul at once.

Below are essential aspects you must consider when purchasing a pallet jack;

Power option

A pallet jack comes in two power options. These are a manual and an electric-powered pallet jack. Moreover, the manual pallet jack is hand-held and operated manually. However, one downside of the manual pallet jack is that it cannot be used to haul heavy luggage since it relies on the workforce.

On the other hand, the electric pallet jack is motorized and practical for lifting and dragging heavier luggage on pallets or stacked pallets.

It is important to note that one advantage of the powered pallet jack is that it is not hard to operate. Some of them are equipped with platforms for the operator to stand on.

From left; Manual pallet jack, Electric pallet jack.


Pallet jacks come in various sizes of different applicability. Even without stating the exact dimensions of a pallet jack, a too long or too short pallet jack may not offer the best quality of work you would have expected. Their forks are 7 or 9 inches wide, 24 to 47 inches from the edge of one fork to the other, and 32 to 90 inches long.

However, some may come with adjustable fork width.


Although the size may be thought of as a factor affecting the capacity of a pallet jack, the dimensions of the carrying components of the pallet jack rarely determine its capacity. The carrying capacity of a pallet jack varies from 1,000 to 15,000 lbs.


A pallet jack relies on pneumatic or hydraulic force input to generate lift. For a manual pallet jack, the force is generated manually by the operator pumping with the handle to transmit the hydraulic fluid to the powerful piston.

On the other hand, the electric pallet jack has a hydraulic pump that generates lift. Although most pallet jack machines can only lift the load a few inches from the ground, some can lift the load for some feet.


If the above information is essential when buying a pallet jack, there would be few to no chances of getting fooled when acquiring one pallet jack for your warehouse. For more, check https://pallettruck.co.ke

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