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There is nothing better than experiencing the product itself you are buying in person. You can test and touch it, try it on and experience the value of the product firsthand. Yet, due to the emergence of e-commerce, online selling has been an option for many. Thus, personal experience with the product is unachievable if you opt for online shopping. However, if there is a product video you can watch, it comes closest to the actual product connection and discovery.

Having known this, an Amazon online seller must consider creating product videos. Adding these product videos on Amazon will hugely improve the customers’ satisfaction with the product you are selling. But it is always easier than done. Creating videos must be done exceptionally to increase your conversions.

Why use product videos on Amazon listing? Because they help you sell more products. Through these videos, the customers will have an almost real-life experience with the product. Even if they cannot physically interact with your product, they can see how the product works and how can it satisfy their needs through the videos. It can vastly help them in decision-making. Truly, product videos on Amazon are as crucial as your images, copy, and content.

This is also in line with Amazon’s goal to create a seamless shopping experience for its customers. To offer an excellent experience to its customers, they provide third-party sellers who are using a variety of tools to help improve its services. One they utilize the most is product videos. These product videos bring many benefits to your Amazon listing. Here are a few of these benefits:

  • Imagination at its finest. Customers can best imagine themselves using the product through what is shown in the video. Thus, it possibly turns customers into action to buy as it helps bring the products to life.
  • Videos show a better angle and perspective of your product. It is like having an actual view of what the products really look like.
  • It helps increase conversion rate as it creates a connection for customers and the products they are buying.
  • Negative reviews can be avoided because videos show clear product expectations. There will be no “expectation versus reality” comments and reviews.
  • Videos will make you one step ahead of your competitors who choose not to include product videos.
  • There’s no better way of showing your products’ uses, benefits, and features than through videos. Once a product’s features are well shown, the customer will surely be persuaded to purchase the product.

Images, texts, and statistics may help customers in having a full perspective of the product. But providing the right insight and visualization of the product can never be achieved just by the images seen, copy written and statistics revealed. Only videos can help one finally decide on buying the product they are eyeing for.

Product videos for Amazon listing will appear under the main product images section. Customers will need not scroll through your listing because they can easily find and view it. Clicking on the video thumbnail will give you a bigger window where customers can watch the video.

Good thing, any seller can now upload product videos on Amazon since September 2020. Even if you are not enrolled in Brand Registry, you are now allowed to post and upload product videos. Experience the joy of increasing your conversion rate while earning more as you sell most of the products you are selling through presenting awesome product videos for your listing.

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