Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring: Store, Products, and Shipping

The rapid and continuous growth of the ecommerce industry has made a lot of people interested in establishing their own print-on-demand (POD) businesses. In fact, studies indicate that the worth of the drop shipping industry can reach $476 billion by 2026.

One of the most important things to do to establish a successful online business is that you have to choose the perfect POD platform to customize and sell your products.

The purpose of this article is to thoroughly discuss the various aspects of Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring, as these are three of the most popular POD platforms.

Store Creation

All three platforms have a user-friendly interface to facilitate businesses as well as individuals in establishing an efficient online store. When you are getting started with any POD platform, the first thing to do is create a store. Let’s discuss the store creation process on these popular POD platforms one by one:


Printful has wide-ranging compatibility with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, and many others. You can easily connect with such platforms through the Printful dashboard.

You also have the option of connecting with Shipstation to connect with other platforms like 3DCart and Walmart indirectly through the Shipstation feature. As a result, you can fulfill a lot of orders via different features of Printful across channels.


Creating a new online store on Printify is also quite easy. You have to visit “My Store” on Printify to open your store and access different features, such as adding products and integrating the store with various ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.

There are various functions of Printify that make it a highly popular POD platform. You can generate a wide range of mockups in Printify to sell different products. Moreover, working with the print providers of Printify is easy, smooth, and transparent.

If the specific print provider of your choice is not available for some reason, you can also automate the routing procedures to ensure the orders can be fulfilled quickly without any severe delays.


In terms of Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring, the interface and working procedures of Teespring are quite different from the other two platforms. Teespring allows you to create your own customized marketplace and sell different products.

Moreover, once you sign up on Teespring, you will have the option of creating a brand-new domain for the online store or connecting with an existing website you might be using to sell your products. However, you should keep in mind that you cannot use Teespring’s store to connect with other marketplace or ecommerce platforms.


It is important to rely on ecommerce platforms that offer products of different variety and diversity. Printify is one of the most diverse print-on-demand platforms available in the ecommerce industry because it offers over 300 types of products.

Some of the popular product categories of Printify are clothing items, jewelry products, hats, mugs, phone covers, stickers, bags, and blankets.

Printful offers similar products, but they have 230 product categories to choose from. These types of products are typically enough to fulfill the requirements of most of the online stores that provide clothing, tank tops, pillows, posters, blankets, mugs, covers, stickers, and many other similar products.

Teespring has very limited product categories compared to Printful and Printify. If you are going to create an online store that only offers traditional products like clothes, pillows, posters, etc., then Teespring will be enough for you as it has 180 types of products. However, you cannot expect to sell some sort of pathbreaking products with Teespring like Printify and Printful.

Shipping Services

The shipping services of Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring greatly vary from each other. Printify provides a long list of print providers you can choose according to the delivery times, rates, and product types for quick order fulfillment.

A significant benefit of having access to different suppliers is that if you are not happy with the quality of services provided by a supplier, you can hire the services of another supplier to fulfill your requirements.

On the other hand, Printful handles the shipping procedures on its own. They have set the standard shipping charges to different countries so that online sellers are fully familiar with the charges they have to incur to fulfill an order.

In Teespring, there are no significant differences between the delivery time and rates. Instead, the time and charges are dependent on where the orders are being fulfilled from. Therefore, you have to consider your specific requirements to choose the best shipping platform.


All three of these print-on-demand platforms have made their mark in the industry. The best choice to make between Printify vs. Printful vs. Teespring is the one that suits your specific business. If you plan to offer a large variety of products on different ecommerce platforms via integrations, you might want to choose Printify or Printful. Whereas, if you want to run your own website and online store, you should go for Teespring.

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