Preventing Motorcycle Accidents in the Rain: Some Tips

In particular for motorcycle riders, inclement weather such as storms, rain, and ice increases the chance of accidents. Rain reduces vision and makes roads slick, making it simple to lose control. Learn more by reading the tips below!

Here are some precautions you may take to stay safe while riding a motorbike in the rain.

  • Make sure to use rainwear 

When choosing rain gear, you must consider more than just warm and dry clothing. You also need to think about safety.

In order to keep your hands from slipping off the handlebars, you also need a pair of gloves with grips and warm clothes. In order to cover your eyes from the rain, you also need to wear a full-face helmet or shield.

  • Remain visible

Motorcycle riders should be clearly visible in poor vision and low light. Candlepower bulbs should be taken into consideration to improve visibility from the front since they provide more light than conventional headlight bulbs. 

  • Assess your tires

Tires that are worn out might result in severe blowouts or low tire pressure. Even while traveling in dry circumstances, under-inflated tires increase your risk of a collision. They also result in poor handling, worse braking, and less precise riding.

  • Take it slow and drive safely.

The chance of hydroplaning increases with speed. Riding quickly also causes your lean angle to rise, which is risky when the road is slick. You must bike slower than usual in the rain to avoid an accident. You should depart earlier than usual if you need to be someplace by a specific time to have enough time to slow down and drive safely.

  • Avoid puddles.

It might be challenging to determine the depth and contents of puddles. Shallow things can halt your wheels or damage them, which will knock you off your motorcycle. Sharp things that can pierce your tires can also be found in puddles. The chance of hydroplaning also rises while riding over a puddle. You ought to avoid puddles fully due to these factors.

  • Beware of manhole covers.

Manhole covers and other metal surfaces should be avoided since they could be elevated, loose, or slick. If you have to ride over them, do it gently and on a straight path without braking or accelerating.

  • Do not tailgate

Keep 275 feet between your car and the car in front of it when driving on the highway in good weather. When it rains, you should increase this distance by two times because stopping safely requires more time.

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