Planning a Thailand Retirement? What you Need to Know

If you have fallen in love with the tropical paradise that is Thailand and are eagerly waiting for your retirement, this article was written with you in mind. If you have holidayed in the Land of Smiles many times, you probably know which region you wish to stay; Thailand can be divided into four regions, namely the south, the central plains, the north and Isaan, which is located in the north east.

Long-term accommodation

Most retirees want to buy a plot of land and build their dream home and while there’s nothing wrong with that, it is not permitted for foreigners to own land. This law was introduced in the 1920s to stop rich Japanese businessmen buying up Bangkok, yet all is not lost, as there are ways you can have the security you need for your golden years. You can lease the plot of land for 30 years, with the option of a further 30 years, which is known as a ‘30×30’ lease. Another way is to create a Thai limited company and the business owns the land, which is the most popular solution.

The importance of health insurance

Medical treatment can be very expensive and without expat health insurance in Thailand from a leading Thai insurer, you are taking a big risk. There are numerous packages with varying premiums, from basic emergency cover to comprehensive protection and with a secure online payment, the policy is activated and you can relax, knowing you are covered. Google can help you compare premiums and packages to find the best deal, which you can renew annually.

Learn to speak Thai

If you are planning on retiring in Thailand, you should make a serious effort to learn the language,  as this will give you an insight into the Thai culture. Getting things done can be an issue if you don’t speak the language; enrol in a Thai language course and you won’t regret it. Stary at the basic level, then move up to intermediate level and finally, you can study at advanced level. You have lots of opportunities for free practice and the Thai people are very curious and it is easy to strike up a conversation. Click here for reasons to travel.

Long-term visas

The good news is that people aged 50 and over can apply for a retirement visa, which can be renewed annually; allyou need to do is deposit 800,000 Thai baht into a Thai bank account, fill in the forms and that should be all you need to do. Those who are under 50 might find it difficult to obtain a long-term visa to stay in Thailand indefinitely.

Thailand has a fantastic infrastructure and getting around couldn’t be any easier, whether by road, rail or air. Whether you prefer the beaches in the south, the craziness of Bangkok, or the mountainous northern region,we hope that you enjoy a long and happy retirement in the Land of Smiles.

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