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You can download videos in mp4 format, a format that many of us are familiar with. To download a video, you simply need to enter the URL of the video. Many video downloaders will automatically detect the format and automatically download the file. However, if you’d like to convert it to a different format, you’ll need to download it first. Here are some downloaders that can help you get the job done.

MP4 Downloader – A powerful program to download MP4 files from multiple sites and convert them to different formats. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features allow you to download multiple files at once. You can even paste a YouTube playlist into the program and download the entire playlist. Drag and drop, copy/paste, and browser integration also allow you to easily add and remove files from multiple websites at once. MP4 Downloader also supports a wide variety of video formats.

Keepvid – Another great online video downloader, Keepvid can scan any video link and report its results. It offers various options for downloading, including choosing the format and size you want to save it in. Regardless of your choice, this downloader will keep your files safe and secure. And, it’s free! And what’s more, it allows you to choose where you want to save the video. If you’re looking for the best MP4 downloader, Keepvid is your choice.

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