Motorcycle Accidents: How To Avoid Them

The most important way to avoid motorcycle accidents is to decrease your speed as much as possible. You can only slow down by using your front and back brakes. Trying to lay the bike over will reduce your ability to slow down and increase your risk of serious injury. Rather, use the brakes to slow down and avoid lying your bike down. This way, you can avoid having a serious accident. The next important step in motorcycle accident prevention is to wear your helmet.

Even if you take every precaution possible, accidents can and will happen. It’s important to be prepared by knowing what to look for and what to do. Medical attention will be your top concern, after which you should think about your legal options. We suggest speaking to a motorcycle accident lawyer about what happened so you can get professional advice about what to do next.

Distracted drivers

Many motorcycle accidents are the result of distracted drivers. These drivers are not paying attention to the road or the traffic around them. While a motorcycle can be difficult to spot, large SUVs and parked cars can obscure a motorcycle from view. Distracted driving can compound this problem. Motorcycle riders can enhance their visibility by wearing high-visibility clothing and running lights. They should also double-check for oncoming traffic, especially at intersections.

Drunk drivers

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by intoxicated motorists. Injured pedestrians, bicyclists, and passengers can be seriously injured. Depending on the circumstances, victims may be entitled to recover damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In some cases, wrongful death claims may also be filed. Personal injury claims can be difficult to win, and can result in financial ruin for the family of the deceased.

Weaving in and out of lanes

While it may be tempting to weave in and out of lanes to avoid motorcycle collisions, weaving is actually illegal in most states. Only California has codified this practice. Motorcyclists weave in and out of lanes in order to avoid vehicles’ blind spots and improve their visibility. But how do you avoid motorcycle accidents? Here are some tips. You should only weave in and out of lanes when you are certain you can safely pass without causing an accident.


A recent study found that 33 percent of motorcycle fatalities are caused by drivers speeding. If the driver of the other vehicle was convicted of a speeding offense, the crash is considered speeding-related. Police officers also frequently note that speeding contributed to the crash. According to NHTSA, speeding was a factor in a third of fatal motorcycle crashes. While it is impossible to prevent motorcycle accidents, following the speed limit can help protect your life.

White lining

Lane splitting, or “white lining,” is a controversial practice in which motorcyclists drive between two lanes of traffic that are moving in the same direction. It is usually done when traffic is congested and slow-moving. It is not legal in most states, however. Nevertheless, California has specifically passed legislation allowing motorcyclists to use lane splitting in certain circumstances. In many cases, white lining may have caused a motorcycle accident.

Weaving in and out of parked vehicles

When weaving in and out of parked cars, be sure to give yourself plenty of space. The motorcycles will be moving quickly and you will need room to maneuver. Make sure to slow down early and leave plenty of room in front of you to avoid hitting the vehicle ahead. Remember that the vehicles ahead may roll back if they’re starting up. It’s also important to give yourself enough room to react to sudden movements to the side of the road made by other vehicles.

Motorcyclists’ lack of protection

According to statistics, motorcycle riders are six times more likely to suffer serious injuries or die in traffic collisions than passengers in passenger vehicles. In fact, motorcycle riders were the victims of more traffic fatalities in 2016 than any other type of vehicle. The most common cause of these accidents is improper lane changing, which is considered the leading cause of motorcycle-related accidents. It is therefore vital for motorcyclists to wear motorcycle helmets and protective gear while riding on the road.

Safety gear

The use of proper safety gear can help prevent serious injuries in the event of a motorcycle accident. Most motorcycles do not have windshields, which means that the eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Protective eyewear can help keep the eyes from flying debris. Some states also require protective eyewear for motorcycle riders, such as Ohio. A helmet, meanwhile, can reduce the risk of head trauma by 53 percent.

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