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In the early morning hours of November 6, 2015, a violent attack on four people in an upscale Karachi apartment came to light. The attackers had entered using a back entrance, then fired at least six rounds at the door before breaking into the apartment, forcing four people to retire to their homes. The robbers then allegedly forced three more apartments to vacate their premises leaving nothing but the charred remains of their parked vehicles as evidence. A few days later, police arrested seven suspects under various laws and received a Criminal Case into which they confessed. However, during questioning, all seven pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and were produced before court for further questioning on Tuesday. As per charges laid against them, all are involved in several other attacks and are mentally deranged. TIMELINE: November 6, 2015: 5 am: Attack on Karachi apartment leads to search of home

11 pm: Chowk bomb blast

A Chowk bomb blast in the early hours of November 7, 2015, left one person dead and four others critically injured. The blast took place in the Chowk section of the old city of Karachi. The offender was believed to be a drug addict who fled the spot after the blast.

12 am: Police warn of possible linked attacks

On November 8, a manhunt is on for men who may have been involved in a recent Chowk bomb blast in the old city. The blast happened near the Chowk road intersection, in which one person was killed and four others were hurt. Also, a manhunt is on for a person who may have been in a vehicle with the driver who died in the blast.

3 am: PKK leader Fethullah Gulen meets with PM Nawaz

On November 9, a meeting is held between the leader of the PKK, Fethullah Gulen, and the prime minister of Pakistan. Both leaders express their condolences to the families of the victims and express their gratitude for the heroism displayed by the security forces.

4 am: Two arrested in Peshawar

On November 10, two more suspects are arrested from the city of Peshawar in connection with a terror funding case. One of them is identified as ASameemullah Faiq, who was born in 1948 and was in his 20s at the time of the attacks.

5 am: Karachi attacks: who is responsible?

On November 11, a wave of attacks targeting important targets across the country prompts a large number of arrests. The main accused include four government officials and seven militants. Among those arrested are Faisal Akhtar, Samia Bibi, Fazel Bari, and Arya Bibi, who were all in their 20s at the time of the attacks.

5 pm: Military expert arrested in Kerala

On November 12, a military expert, Gen. (ret) Satish Prabhu, is arrested in connection with the July 26, 2016, attacks that killed more than 200 people in Mumbai. The attack was said to have been sparked by a speech by Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore.

6 pm: Two arrested in Kathua

On November 13, two more people are arrested in connection with the Kathua college andUMD massacre. One of them is identified as Tejashwi Bisht, who was born in 1956 and is said to be associated with the Saffron Revolution.

7 pm: Two arrested in Ludhiana

On November 14, two more people are arrested in connection with the 2014 Ludhiana blasts. One of them is identified as Altaf Hussain, who was born in 1942 and is said to be associated with the Pakistan Army.

8 pm: Two arrested in Srinagar

On November 15, two more people are arrested in connection with the 2014 Srinagar blasts. One of them is identified as Wasim Ahmad, who is also said to be associated with Lashkar-e-Toiba.

9 pm: ONE MORE arrest made

On November 16, a man is arrested in connection with the 2011 attack on Hotel Mumbai. The assailant was identified as Saqid Ahmed, who was born in 1919 and is said to be associated with the Indian Muslim League.


On November 16, 2016, two Paris-based men are arrested in connection with the November 11, 2015, attacks in Karachi. The first man is identified as Adel Majid, who was born in 1921 and is said to be associated with the Muslim League. The other man is identified as Alam Sher Muhammad, who was born in 1925 and is said to be associated with Lashkar-e-Toiba.

11 pm: Final update on Mumbai attacks

On November 18, the police report that a massive manhunt is on for the three assailants behind the Mumbai attacks. The group is said to be based in Europe and have links with the PKK. They are being sought in connection with a series of attacks across the Indian Peninsula, starting with the Mumbai blasts in November 2015 and ending with the Kathua college attack in November 2016.

2 pm: ‘There was no conspiracy’: Karachi attacks suspect says he is not a terrorist

Singer and NRI activist M. R. Dhillon addressed Pakistani media today to express his gratitude for the “mercy of God” after being shot in the leg by a stray bullet while walking in a crowded area of Karachi.

“There was no conspiracy behind the Peshawar and Chowk Chowk attacks and I am truly happy that the people of our country have been restored to normalcy,” said Dhillon.

“I can rest now. My leg is healed and I can walk again. All this happened when I was walking on the boulevards of Karachi. Even after four bullets were hit, I kept on walking. I am a rational person and I have no idea what type of people are behind these types of attacks,” he added.

“I am not a terrorist. I love my country, I love my family, and I would do anything for them. I am not a rebel who would do anything against anybody. I am a normal, peaceful person.”

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