Massage Benefits and Risks You Should Know

Massage is one of the most popular therapeutic and relaxing methods. Because it helps relieve stress. Reduce body aches and other benefits supported by research, but massage enthusiasts should also be aware of the risks they should be aware of—especially those with congenital diseases. But Parlor LA-Ero Nuru provides good quality massage with sexy and hot ladies in Los Angeles, CA.

How is the Massage?

Massage is pressing or stroking the skin to relax muscles and tendons. The method and purpose of each type of Massage may vary as follows:

Swedish Massage It’s a low-power massage method. It focuses on helping to relax the uppermost muscles and joints in various areas and helps to feel more energetic. It may also help relieve muscle and joint injuries.

Sports massage It is similar to a Swedish massage but will focus on people who play sports. Its primary purpose is to prevent and treat sports-related injuries.

Pressure point massage Emphasis on massaging the muscles that are abnormally contracted caused by heavy use of the muscles or muscle injury

Foot massage is a massage using the hands. The thumb and other fingers are massaged on the feet and soles. With the belief that the feet are an area related to the functioning of various organs within the body, foot massage can positively affect health.

Massage for pregnant women may also get a massage. But must be under the advice of a doctor only. The Massage will help relax muscles and joints in different areas, reduce pregnancy swelling, and help you feel more relaxed.

What are the benefits of Massage?

In addition to helping to relax and reduce tension. Parlor LA-Ero Nuru also provides an alternative treatment that may help relieve some symptoms. Some studies have found that Massage may be helpful in some ways, including:

Relieve back pain: Some studies suggest that Massage may be an effective way to relieve back pain. Research also shows that Massage is more effective at reducing back pain than acupuncture.

Headache relief: Some studies have found that Massage can help relieve headaches. Especially migraine headaches and may help you sleep better.

Reducing anxiety helps promote physical health, But Massage also positively affects mental health. The study found that Massage lowers cortisol levels by up to 50 per cent and boosts neurotransmitters in the brain. Make the person being massaged have anxiety and a depressed mood.

Massage risks to be aware of

Parlor LA-Ero Nuru may help you feel relaxed and good for your health. But not everyone can benefit from Massage. Especially those who have health problems or are in various conditions that may be affected by Massage follows:

  • Those who have just eaten or still feel full
  • Pregnant woman, you should always talk to your doctor first if you want a massage for the safety of the baby and the mother herself.
  • Those who have burns or wounds that have not yet healed.
  • People with underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
  • prosthetic person
  • Venous thromboembolism patients have various blood diseases, have severe thrombocytopenia or during eating thrombolytic drugs.
  • Patients with severe osteoporosis have loose joints. Osteoporosis has a bone fracture or has recently undergone orthopedic surgery.
  • Cancer patients or those with tumors in the body should avoid pressure point massage. It should be confirmed by a doctor first that Massage can be performed without any adverse effects.

Things to consider about Massage

Those who wish to have a massage should also consider health safety—especially those with health problems and pregnant women. Always ask your doctor to make sure you can get a massage. And do not use Massage as a substitute for medical treatment because it can worsen symptoms, which should be appropriately examined and treated by a doctor. Ask your doctor if you want to use alternative treatments like Massage. Including the use of any dietary supplements or herbs in conjunction with massage therapy.

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