Look Casual And Chic In A Denim-On-Denim

Double denim is a trend that originated in Vancouver, Canada. It’s one of the easiest and chicest ways to dress for any occasion. In this article, we’ll discuss how to wear it. Double denim has many benefits, but it’s essential to know how to wear it properly. You’ll also learn how to pair it with other styles, such as dresses.

Double Denim Is A Trend That Originated In Vancouver, Canada

It isn’t easy to pinpoint the origin of double denim, but it is likely to be found in the 1800s. Denim first became popular in the workforce, where it was worn for practical purposes in the form of overalls and denim sets. It became more stylish in the 1950s, and cowboys began wearing denim for casual wear. In the 1970s, denim on denim began becoming a popular trend.

The double-denim trend has made a comeback in recent years. It was born in Vancouver, Canada, and has since become a global phenomenon. However, it had a rough patch in the early noughties. Now, it is a fashionable choice for women who want to feel comfortable and chic while looking stylish. If you pull off double-denim, choose the right fit and style. Selecting the wrong fit or material is a bad move.

Types Of Denim On Denim Hacks To Look Cool

Distressed denim separates a denim jacket from the rest, especially in the case of all-black bottom wear and accessories. Round patches for a denim jacket can add a bit of flair and texture to the look. Whether you are looking to add style to your all-black denim jacket or black denim, patches can provide you with the contrast and texture you need.

Colors Should Always Contrast

When pairing denim with jeans, it’s best to wear two or more different shades. While the two pieces may be the same color, the colors should always be different from creating a chic look. For instance, you might pair a light blue jacket and dark blue jeans. However, you shouldn’t wear the same shade on your shirt and pants. This is because the lighter-colored denim will look sexier on you if you pair it with darker jeans. This will give the appearance of proportional balance and look chic.

A typical fashion faux pas is mixing and matching two different colors of denim. You should never wear two pieces of denim with the same color or wash. The denim-on-denim look can be casual, formal, or even edgy, depending on the combination of colors and styles. For example, a light chambray top looks great with black jeans, while a white denim skirt looks great with a dark indigo jacket. A lightweight chambray shirt is also an excellent choice to wear with black jeans to cover up your stomach.

Break Up Matching Denim Pieces

When it comes to a denim ensemble, choosing pieces that match in color and wash is best. But it would help if you also considered proportions. Wide-legged women’s jeans look great with oversized jackets. A matching coat will make a striking pair. The same goes for big jeans and a shirt of the same color. It would help to pair these pieces with a button-up shirt to finish the look.

Wearing denim in the same wash from head to toe is a fashion faux pas. To avoid looking sloppy and overly matchy, you should wear contrasting shades and styles. For instance, if you’re wearing a denim jumpsuit, try pairing it with a black t-shirt. You should also add a statement bag or funky boots. This way, you can make your denim jumpsuit stand out.

Wearing A Trucker Jacket

Consider a trucker jacket if you’re looking for a way to pull off denim-on-denim and still look chic. This versatile piece of clothing is the ultimate weekend staple. If you wear it with the right parts, you can create an effortless, stylish outfit. To pull off this look, start by pairing it with a pair of slim-leg jeans and a t-shirt. Then, finish your face with a couple of black or white sneakers.

A trucker jacket’s color can vary depending on the season and the type of material. During summer, you’ll want to choose a light blue shade. In the winter, a darker blue hue will work best. The same is valid for denim jackets with a darker tone, like dark blue. And while you’ll want to avoid wearing denim with a bright, statement piece, it can quickly work in business casual settings.

Embellished Denim

If you’re looking for a sparkle in your denim, you can try wearing embellished jeans. This year, embellished denim will be all over the runway. Depending on your style, embellishments will be subtle or dramatic. Try a pair of black sequin jeans with a sheer blouse and black pumps. Then, accessorize with bold red lipstick and a couple of metal studs.

Another way to add a feminine flair to your jeans is to add a little lace or pearl embellishments. Be sure to choose decorations that don’t cause discomfort or risk of falling off. Also, take special care when washing your jeans to avoid fading. Another way to dress up your jeans with embellishments is to wear them with a soft blouse or silk camisole. Embellished denim is a great way to dress up a casual look without going overboard.

Wearing A Chambray Shirt

If you are unsure how to pull off a denim-on-denim combo, try wearing a chambray shirt. Chambray is a cotton fabric similar to denim, but it is different in construction and appearance. Its weave is more simple than that of denim. Chambray is also more lightweight and softer, which makes it more versatile.

You can wear a chambray shirt over a denim dress and tie it in the front. You can also wear a different shade of chambray shirt to add some roughness to whitewashed denim. Make sure the chambray shirt is not too loose as it may make you look like a sailor on leave.

Last but not the least, you can also sport denim shoes along with denim pants. There are various types of denim shoes for men available in the market for you to choose and pair with your denim jackets or jeans.


You’re not alone if you’re wondering how to pull off the denim-on-denim look. Follow these tips to keep your outfit chic and avoid looking like a Texas tuxedo. Contrasting colors are vital to creating a stylish look that flatters your figure.

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