Knock-down house with popular roofing materials

The roof material used in knock-down houses is different from that of general house building. by differences with details as follows

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1 Metal sheet roof (Metal Sheet) is a steel sheet that has undergone a hot plating process. Coated with a rust-proof compound containing aluminum and zinc, Alu-Zinc, abbreviated AZ, which has anti-rust properties. and reflect heat There are both zinc glaze and various color glazes. The thickness commonly used to make roofs of houses is 0.35 – 0.40 millimeters.

Advantages: Easy to buy, low cost, light weight, easy to install, fast, does not require a lot of skilled workers, less leakage problems Tile roof, resistant to rain and hail

Restriction Rain will be louder. tile roof There is a heat problem in the summer.

Knock-down houses with metal sheet roofs have less difficulty in lifting and moving houses than tile roofs in case of damage. can be easily replaced

2 Double corrugated/trilon roof tiles are fiber cement roof tiles with thickness ranging from 4-6 millimeters. Almost all brands do not contain asbestos and are more durable than asbestos tiles in the past. Including a lot of colors to choose from. and inexpensive Double corrugated roof tiles are still popular both in the past and in the present.

Advantages look more dignified than metal sheet roofs. It is a house that blends well with nature, no rain, no noise problems. less heat

Restriction Technicians who specialize in roofing tiles are hard to find. Must be careful when framing and installing. Otherwise it will easily leak.

The problem that is often encountered is that the equipment is not complete and difficult to buy, such as the corner cover, side cover, which the desired color may not be enough. Requires the shop to order from the factory for about 1 week.

3 Shingle Roof or commonly understood as asphalt roof is a synthetic material. are imported materials The main component in the middle of the sheet is fiber. Covered with asphalt on both sides, the front has a different colored gravel surface.

Light weight, high humidity resistance. Resistant to high winds, high fire resistance, soundproofing, shockproof, does not accumulate heat.

Shingle Roof is mostly used in knock-down house work, European style, not popular for building houses, the price per sq m. is higher than metal sheet roofs and double corrugated roof tiles, but in exchange for more luxury and style.

Five Techniques Assemble the structure to increase the strength and service life.

1 Assembling 6-8 inches of C-section steel to be used as a lower beam To be able to receive high strength, less vibration, and long service life. and help with lifting and moving the house by using beams lower weight

  1. Technique to insert angle iron Help beams to support more weight. Increase the service life of the structure and greatly reduce the errors in the assembly of the column-beam structure

3 techniques to increase the strength of structural columns In the case of a building Center and 4 meter high mast structure. We want to use the same size pillars. but we can add Strength by filling in concrete to fill steel columns.

This method can be applied to small knock-down houses. in the case of residence reluctant to move Filling all the columns with concrete will help the columns to absorb the compressive stress in vertical increase reduce buckling Increase the service life of steel columns for a long time

4 techniques for inserting braces at the corners column beam inside the wall It helps a lot when moving or an earthquake The structure will not twist and deform, reinforcing the structure to be stronger. and save budget

How to work, just take the steel box 50x50x2.3 mm., cut it into the picture and install it at the corner. The wall is connected to the beam column.

5 techniques for reinforcing steel plates for bathroom floors and decks a steel pickup Prevent columns, beams, floor in the bathroom from decay from leaking water You can more suitable options and suggestion from professional service providers like FSBD.

Suitable for moving buildings Eliminate the problem of leakage Prevent water leakage well. when moving the house or from the bathroom floor grout deteriorating from use

The method of work is to bring a steel sheet, size 1.2 x 2.4 meters, thickness 1.5-2.3 millimeters, and install it on the steel joist. full seam welding Anti-rust paint all over the sheet.

  • In the case of a deck Apply 2 layers of cement to prevent leakage before pouring cement over the face.
  • In the case of a bathroom floor to drill the toilet pipe and sewer pipes first Even to apply 2 layers of cement to prevent leakage before pouring plaster over the face.

TIP. The knock-down bathroom floor will cause leakage from the vibration of the bathroom floor and cracking of the floor including the deteriorated grout. Using steel sheet and waterproofing with cement waterproofing will provide almost 100% protection.

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