Kitchen Backsplash Ideas on a Budget

If you’re on a budget, you can add a beautiful backsplash to your kitchen without breaking the bank. Scrap wood makes a perfect backsplash material and you can often find it for free. Vertically arranging scraps of wood creates a stunning contrast of color and adds a personal touch. This idea is not just limited to kitchens. It works equally well in other areas of the home as well.


You may have heard of peel-and-stick kitchen backsplash ideas. These tiles are incredibly inexpensive and easy to install. They require just a little bit of preparation. First, you’ll want to clean the wall thoroughly, then remove any tape or backing that may be on the tile. Then, you’ll need to stick the panels to the wall. If the tiles don’t adhere to the wall properly, you can use a cleaning solution to wet them a bit to remove any dirt or gunk.

To make your backsplash more interesting, consider experimenting with different materials. Vinyl is a great choice, but you can also try silica gel, water-resistant vinyl, or real mosaic tiles. These types of tiles are designed to closely resemble their natural counterparts, but are much easier to install. You can even use natural materials such as wood or stone to make a backsplash that looks like a real tile.

Wood shims

If you’re on a budget and don’t have much extra money to spend on new backsplash tiles, you can save money by using wood shims as your kitchen backsplash. These inexpensive pieces are easy to find in your local home improvement store and can be stained or painted to match your new backsplash tiles. To install a wood shim wall, you’ll need to cut your pieces to size. Then, glue them to the wall.

You can also add a shiplap sign as your kitchen backsplash. You can also use a stencil and paint them a different color. If you prefer, you can add small hooks to hold it in place. This way, you can make a beautiful backsplash with little work. You can also place the shiplap sign partially over the backsplash surface or cover the entire surface with it. This inexpensive kitchen backsplash idea is also a great way to add texture to your kitchen and make it feel more comfortable to be in. You can also choose new wooden kitchen cabinets that will go perfectly with your backsplash design.


For a traditional, yet budget-friendly kitchen backsplash, consider installing beadboard. Traditionally installed vertically, beadboard looks just as beautiful when installed horizontally. If you’re not sure what type of backsplash to choose, consider installing herringbone beadboard. Unlike shiplap, which comes in interlocking planks, beadboard is an individually-grooved panel that convincingly resembles individual planks.

Beadboard kitchen backsplash ideas on dwindling budgets can be achieved by using a cheap and easy-to-install material. Unlike tile, beadboard is relatively easy to install and is available at home improvement stores in a variety of colors and designs. Installing beadboard panels requires gluing or using liquid nails to attach them to the wall. Once they are in place, they can be painted to a color of your choice.


For on a budget kitchen backsplash ideas, vinyl is an excellent choice. It can be painted any color or textured to make the space look unique and stylish. The removable material can also be installed anywhere. One great option is to install peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper. This type of vinyl can be cut to look like tile and sticked to the wall, simulating grout joints. Then, it can be removed easily when you need to redecorate the room.

Another inexpensive and simple backsplash option is to add a vinyl decal to your wall. This is the easiest way to give your kitchen a new look without requiring any special skills. Moreover, vinyl decals are easy to remove and will not leave any residue when removed. A DIY vinyl kitchen backsplash can also be added to existing tiled walls to create a striking look. However, if you don’t want to install a vinyl backsplash, you can use an acrylic sheeting or upholstery fabric to create a decorative effect.

Chalkboard paint

If you’re on a budget but want an interesting way to spice up your walls, you can create a chalkboard backsplash on your wall. It is perfect over magnetic paint and offers endless organization possibilities. Adding a chalkboard wall to your kitchen is an easy way to add character to the space while staying within your budget. Victorian chic tiles make for a lovely backsplash, focusing on soft patterns and muted colors. Soft blue and natural wood accents evoke a sense of a bygone age, but sleek gold handles make this look modern, not outdated.


For a fun way to add some personality to your kitchen, try using chalkboard paint as your kitchen backsplash. If you have young children or like to jot down notes, this is the perfect solution. Chalkboard paint is inexpensive and easy to make, making it a popular DIY project for those on a budget. Chronic writers will love the fact that it can be used on their walls! For a more permanent solution, you can also use chalkboard paint on switch plates.

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