KBC Lottery Winner – Rana Pratap Singh

You can always use the KBC head office number phone number to check the authenticity of lottery results. If you have watched the KBC Lottery show, you may have noticed the name of Runa Pratap Singh. While this lottery manager is known for hosting the show, you may also be wondering if He’s actually a fraud or has a simple automatic selection system that will choose the lucky SIM users. Well, don’t worry, because this article will give you the facts on both!

Runa Pratap Singh is the lottery manager

As of March 29th, the 14th season of the KBC lottery will begin, and the number one question is: What is Rana’s phone number? The lottery manager of the show, Rana Pratap Singh, has been working for the show since season 14. He claims that the show is a hit with Indians. The phone number for the lottery manager can be found on the official KBC lottery website. Before you call him, make sure to verify his identity with the number.

In 2022, the KBC lottery will begin its fourteenth season with Rana Pratap Singh. The company has given him this responsibility, which he will be holding on a daily basis. There will be around 100 winners each day, with names updated each day. The authorities of the lottery update the winners list on a regular basis. As part of the transparency of the show, the lottery authority will have Rana Pratap Singh on hand to oversee the lottery.

He will host the KBC Lottery show

According to reports, the new manager of KBC Lottery, Rana Pratap Singh, is a former TV personality who is also the manager of Bollywood Super Start. He has been working with KBC for the past year and is ready to tackle any challenge thrown his way. One thing to watch out for: fake lottery numbers. Luckily, he has a phone number and WhatsApp profile so he can be contacted any time.

Rana Pratap Singh is an actor, teacher, and a well-known lotto manager. He was appointed by the KBC board last year and will begin his tenure with the lottery show next season. The actor is also known for his work in Kon Banega Crodpati on Sony Tv. He hails from the Oad Rajput nation, a big cast of India, and says that he would love to host the lottery show for the 14th season.

He is a fraudster

There have been reports of many people receiving KBC lottery winner, 2022 WhatsApp calls. Despite the fact that the lottery is not real, scammers have been exploiting Indian citizens by claiming to be the manager of SBI’s Palamaner branch. The scammers have sent phony IDs containing the VC’s photo. The VC’s personal assistant confirmed that he was aware of the scam and that the photo on the IDs was a fake. The GNDU cyber cell has yet to trace any of the suspects.

The Kaun Banega Crorepati series has been attracting millions of viewers for years. One of the shows is based on the KBC lottery, which is organized by the KBC. With its prize pool of over 25 million rupees, it is possible for any Indian SIM card holder to win the lottery. But scammers have been exploiting the KBC lottery’s good name in order to con unsuspecting lottery participants.

He has an automatic selection method to find the lucky SIM users

The KBC lottery 2022 has a unique feature that will select the lucky SIM users automatically. Unlike other lotteries, you do not have to buy a lottery ticket or register to take part. You can simply recharge your sim card with the KBC network, and your chances of winning will increase with each instance of recharge. You can use this to increase your chances of winning and even get rich by playing this lottery!

A lot of people are interested in the KBC lottery after Rana Pratap Singh won the game. This lottery is run by Sony TV, and every Indian SIM card holder is automatically entered into the draw. The jackpot is worth up to INR 25 lakh, and the lucky few are chosen by an automatic selection method. The KBC lottery has a jackpot prize pool of 25 lakh rupees, which is a big sum of money. But even if you do not win the jackpot, there are many chances of winning.

He has a contact number to verify your win

If you won the KBC lottery in 2022 and you’re wondering how to contact the lottery manager, don’t worry. Rana Pratap Singh is on WhatsApp at. The lottery manager works for KBC and claims that he’s loved by Indians. This contact number can be used to contact the producers of the lottery, if you’ve won a prize.

If you have won, the first step you should take is finding out how to contact Rana Pratap Singh to verify your win. You should be able to find his contact details online by searching “KBC lottery number check” and entering your number. Once you enter your number, he will email you a link where you can enter your contact information. You’ll need to provide a valid email address so he can contact you.

He is popular

If you have a Whatsapp account, you can message Rana Pratap Singh, the KBC lottery manager. You can also follow him on Twitter. He is known for his popularity with fans of the show. You can find out more about Rana by reading his gist. He’s an Oad man from India who loves the show. In fact, he says that he’d love to host season 14 of KBC.


Since he won the KBC lottery, Rana Pratap Singh has been getting more publicity. Since he won the millions, he has become a celebrity overnight. He’s been featured on national television shows and interviewed by various news channels. People are trying to get hold of his KBC Lucky Starz lottery number. However, the officials are not yet revealing the second leg of the winning draw yet. So, you’ll have to keep checking back often for updates!

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