Introduction To ProductEngine

If you’re wondering what ProductEngine is and what it can do for your business, then read on.

Traditionally, price lists lived in Excel documents, and for the most part, everyone struggled to keep track of the changes to product prices. We wanted to change that, and that’s when the idea of ProductEngine came about.

Price lists got lost in different files, folders, slack channels, email threads – you name it! So we came up with an interface that still felt like a spreadsheet but provided one place where everyone can find the data they need. This ensures no one needs to ask “So which is the right version” ever again.

From a direct integration to your systems or just uploading your existing product and pricing information, to securely sharing price information with your internal teams and customers, you can do it all with the powerful capabilities of ProductEngine.

You’re probably wondering – yes, it’s a lot easier but I can probably make do with my spreadsheet. Perhaps you’re right if you have a few products/services that don’t go through that many price changes. However, if you sell multiple products and services at different price points – then you absolutely need ProductEngine. With us, you will save time and remove many opportunities for error making your pricing much more accurate..

Additionally, you can add crucial information such as detailed specifications, product photos, and other important notes that you want your marketing and sales team as well as customers to access. On top of that, you can be rest assured it’s the latest version everyone is getting access to, so no one wonders if there’s been an update that they still need to play catch up with.

So, if you’re working with a lot of price points, managing price lists, especially ones that change quite often – then ProductEngine is definitely a no-brainer. Find out more here.

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