Inter Miami for David Beckham and Jorge and Jose Mas

After nine years in development, Inter Miami CF — owned by former Manchester United and LA Galaxy star David Beckham as well as billionaires Jorge and Jose Mas — will finally make its debut. Miami commissioners approved this week a 99-year lease on city-owned land for its Freedom Park project.

1. DRV PNK Stadium

Inter Miami CF’s Major League Soccer club currently calls Fort Lauderdale home. Their 18,000-seat venue known as DRV PNK Stadium (or Drive Pink Stadium for short) serves as their temporary facility while they await completion of Freedom Park Stadium.

CA River Plate is owned and managed by businessmen Jorge Mas and David Beckham and boasts several Latin American players, such as Gonzalo Higuaín and Federico Fernando Higuaín who both began their careers at CA River Plate.

At DRV PNK Stadium, the atmosphere at Major League Soccer matches is unique. Fans feel connected to their team because many games are broadcast in Spanish; furthermore, game day management keeps up energy by providing Latin music and community events promotion services.

DRV PNK Stadium will host all nine knockout rounds for the 2021 Gold Cup for the first time ever – an event sure to draw in a large international fan base! Additionally, check out their event calendar for further information about what other events they hold throughout the year!

2. Melrose Country Club

Since 1961, when Miami Country Club first opened, the De Lucas family have owned and operated its sole golf course within its city limits – The De Lucas Golf Course became a favourite spot of Tiger Woods as well as hosting thousands of young people who came through its First Tee program to learn to play golf.

Melrose will soon undergo dramatic change as Miami Freedom Park emerges as a massive soccer stadium complex that will feature a 25,000-seat stadium, offices, hotel rooms and 58 acres of parkland – an effort led by soccer icon David Beckham and billionaire brothers Jorge and Jose Mas. The project marks Inter Miami’s new home for Major League Soccer (MLS).

After voter referendum, years of negotiations and two City Commission votes, this deal was finally signed off this week. It includes a 99-year lease with the Mas brothers who will build stadium and other facilities totalling $1 billion on their 131-acre parcel of property.

Critics allege that the city is being short-changed by this project; they contend that developers could have secured significantly more money by negotiating with other buyers for the land, and question whether other options such as building a soccer stadium in Over town were explored by city. Regardless, city leaders say they are pleased to see work commence on this project and feel that its financial benefits far outweigh losing one municipal golf course in town.

3. Miami Freedom Park

MIAMI — While Miami Heat basketball, Florida Marlins baseball and Miami Dolphins football franchises dominate local attention, soccer club Inter Miami struggles to generate equal excitement among its followers. That may soon change with Lionel Messi signing on as their marquee player – something Inter hopes Lionel will help change.

Inter Miami currently plays at DRV PNK Stadium, an 18,000-seat temporary venue which has served as its home since it debuted in March. But they hope to move into their permanent facility – Miami Freedom Park – on what was formerly Melrose Country Club by 2022; this project would include not only a new 25,000-seat stadium but also hotels, offices, community fields and 58 acres of free public parks and green space that will all be privately funded by Inter Miami owners.

On September 13, the city commission took an important step toward their goal when they approved zoning changes that clear the way for construction of the stadium complex to commence. They also authorized Beckham and his local co-owners to begin applying for permits, which could take some time. Finally, an annual rent will need to be agreed upon. The city plans on ordering two independent land appraisals without taking into account contamination in the golf course area as part of this process.

4. Inter Miami Soccer Club

Inter Miami SC, one of the newest franchises in Major League Soccer, has been co-owned by one of global football’s most iconic figures: David Beckham. Together with Jorge Mas, Beckham manages and controls Inter Miami SC.

Doral Stadium, situated within lush palm trees and meticulous greenery, boasts four separate stands to give it its signature square shape – and provides a breathtaking sight when lit up at night!

Inside of the facility is equally impressive with its modern design and high-tech features, creating an unforgettable viewing experience for fans. There’s plenty of seating for spectators as well as food and beverage concessions within the stadium itself.

Inter Miami have been led this 2023 season by manager Josef Martnez and goalkeeper Luis Robles, with talented players like Gonzalo Higuan from Juventus as their striker, Nico Figal, Lewis Morgan and Nico Figal as midfielders. As of late they have won three matches while drawing four in this campaign; currently placing fifth in both their Eastern Conference table and competing in both MLS is Back Tournament as well as CONCACAF Champions League tournaments.

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