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The latest ML (machine learning) news is coming from New York-based company Grata, which has raised $25M in Series A funding. This funding brings the company’s total funding to $40M. Founded in 2012, the ML platform provider aims to offer business clients a solution to accelerate their business reach.

Wallaroo raises $25M

Wallaroo, a ny startup founded by a former Merril Lynch employee, has scored a tad more than its fair share of seed funding. The company’s latest round, a $25 million Series A led by Microsoft’s M12, will help the brains behind the brains to build on its successes. Wallaroo was built on four distinct components – an in-house ML and data science team, an enterprise-class IT and DevOps provider, a high-performance compute and storage solution, and a network of partners and vendors. It all pays off in a big way for the company’s clients, allowing them to do things they couldn’t before. Among the company’s clients are a wide variety of Fortune 500s, startups, and even a few start-ups, a diverse mix of companies with a diverse set of needs.

Grata raises $25M in Series A funding

Grata is a search engine that helps business development professionals discover companies instantly. They use proprietary machine learning models to process unstructured information.

This new funding allows the company to expand its product team and develop its go-to-market strategy. It also allows the company to increase its ability to identify deals.

Grata’s search engine is particularly good at identifying companies in the middle market. These businesses are traditionally overlooked. But with the recent dynamics, more and more companies are moving online.

The company uses data science to analyze millions of text-based documents. Its data warehouse provides insights on companies’ operations and products. Users can also search for targeted campaigns and map markets.

The company recently closed $25 million in Series A funding. Craft Ventures, Teamworthy Ventures, Altai Ventures, and eigen Ventures participated in the round. Other investors include Dragoneer Investment Group, Brookfield Growth, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Tiger Global Management.

Since its founding, Grata has built out an exhaustive database of middle-market businesses. It offers users an API, Chrome extension, and search engine. Currently, it has around a thousand monthly active users.

Wallaroo aims to accelerate business reach

Wallaroo Labs is a New York-based AI and machine learning platform which enables businesses to deploy and measure AI innovations in the cloud, on premises or on a mobile device. This platform is designed to accelerate the last mile of the machine learning journey, from model creation to deployment. The company also has a suite of data connectors that allow for custom integrations with in-house solutions.

As a startup, Wallaroo was founded by CEO Vid Jain. His background in Wall Street began with Merrill Lynch, a financial institution whose portfolio includes some of the world’s biggest banks and investment firms.

While the Wallaroo engine isn’t the only AI platform on the market, it is one of the fastest. It can process hundreds of thousands of events per second on a single server.

Wallaroo’s data processing engine can also run on premises, in the cloud or at the edge. This enables enterprises to leverage the power of big data.

ML platform provider Grata raises $25M in Series A

Grata is an intelligence engine that provides a single source of truth to discover small to medium sized private companies. The company is headquartered in New York. The search platform provides insights on millions of companies. Its product combines proprietary machine learning models and natural language processing techniques to intuitively process unstructured information.

A growing number of professionals are using Grata as their primary company intelligence tool. They’re able to quickly and easily locate companies across multiple industries and regions. As the company’s capital grows, Grata will further accelerate its ability to help dealmakers unlock middle market data.

Grata’s product combines the company’s proprietary machine learning models and natural language processing techniques. This combination enables Grata to provide a unique and contextual view of the businesses it covers.

Founded by Andrew Bocskocsky and Nevin Raj, Grata has built a search engine that allows users to quickly find and research companies. By providing a single source of information for the millions of private companies in the United States, Grata enables business development professionals to discover companies instantly.


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